Raw Theory Going On Hiatus

Raw Theory

After one of the duo’s largest releases to date, Raw Theory reveals they will be calling it quits and going on hiatus. How long will be determined, but for now this will be the last tune by the group indefinitely. We speak with Raw Theory about their latest release on Viper Recordings and what the future of the production team will hold.

How did you come about teaming up under the name Raw Theory?
We met at college on a music technology course initially. After college we went our separate ways until meeting at a local D&B event a few years later where we were both booked to play sets. We got on again immediately and Ash, who was running his own D&B events and asked me (Tim) to come down and DJ at one of them. After that we decided to link up and work on some music together. We played a few back to back sets, dropping our own productions into the mix before deciding to come up with an alias… Raw Theory was born!

When the two of you met up for the first time were you already producing DNB solo?
Yeah, we both had our different guises and were both making euphoric, hard-hitting, dancefloor D&B. As soon as we heard one another’s tracks we knew we had to get in the studio together and the rest, as they say, is history!

What tune, do you think, gave you the big break to put you on the radar of labels like Viper?
We only had one release prior to Viper. “British Steel” b/w “Desert Strike” on Cyntax Error but we had quite a few dubplates that made their way into the label manager’s hands, who passed them on to Futurebound himself. Two of these went on to get a release on the Summer Slammers 2011 compilation – “Headrush” & “Solarise”. The love we got for these tracks meant so much to us. Drumsound & Bassline Smith amongst a load of other DJs supported Headrush for ages. We’d be getting calls and texts from friends and from other DJs supporting it saying they’ve played it again and it went off time and time again! Then some dude made a hilarious video of him and his brother dancing to Solarise on YouTube! Crazy stuff but we loved it all!

You have a big tune out now on Viper’s new Headroom EP. Can you talk more about this project?
Thanks man. Yeah, Eye Of The Storm is out now on the Headroom EP Part 6. Go get it! This is a track we’ve been working on for about a year now so it feels amazing for it to finally get its release! Over this time it’s evolved into what it is now. If you heard the original version you probably wouldn’t even recognise it! The bad news though, is that it’s going to be our last release for a little while. Due to other commitments in our lives we will be stepping back from the music production for a bit. No doubt at some point we’ll make a reappearance but for now we’re hanging up the gloves.

You are signed exclusively to Viper Recordings, what factored in to make that decision?
Yes we have been signed exclusively for a couple of years now. We simply got offered the contract and couldnt refuse! I mean who the hell would turn down an exclusive contract for one of the biggest labels in the scene ? It has been such an honour writing tunes for these guys.

Do you think signing exclusively with a label is more beneficial to an artist than putting out tunes on few different labels?
If you are signed to a label you know are going to take care of you then yes. We’v been very looked after by Viper. They really, really push you not just as an artist but as a brand, and it works. Its very clever and effective how they do it, hats off to them. You are also involved in some pretty serious gigs all over the place. We have had some amazing moments at the Viper camp. We have never really jumped from label to label, so we couldn’t really say what that side of the fence is like, but we wouldn’t change any of the decisions we have made!

What’s next for Raw Theory?
As mentioned earlier, we are sorry to say that this the end of the road for Raw Theory (for now at least). We both have so much going on in our lives (i.e babies, careers taking off) that we simply cant commit to the work that is required to churn out heavy dancefloor anthems week after week. Im sure alot of artists will vouch for us here but, there are simply not enough hours in a day for us at the moment, so yeah….its sad but hopefully one day we will return. The guys at Viper have said the door is always open, which is nice to know!

Do you have any new projects coming up that you’d like to plug?
There are lots of Raw Theory projects that are only half finished, its just finding the time to jump on it and get them done! The music is in our blood, and its going to be hard to walk away from, so we are sure that some of these tracks will be released at some point.

Are there any final words or thoughts you’d like to share?
Yeah wed just like to say a big thanks to Brendan Futurebound , Tim Dudley and everyone involved at Viper. They really are are great label to work for and we wish everyone the best of luck. Thanks to all of our followers near and far, hopefully we will be back! Peace!

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