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Rahmanee’s Top 5 Jungle Cuts

Celebrating the selection of wicked remixes on the new Chopstick Dubplate EP, we’ve had a chat with Rahmanee to get to know his favourite Jungle cuts. Make sure to check out his remix for Bounty Hunter.

PA – The Only Solution (Radius)

This is such a BIG tune, its fresh and classic at the same moment. Big up PA , I’ve been enjoying playin this one!

Rahmanee – Bad Boy Steppa (Born On Road)

This coming out on 9.5.2016 . Watch ya bassbins, don’t try this at home!

Chopstick Dubplate ft Top Cat & Mr Williamz – Worldwide Traveller (Aries & Murda Remix) [Chopstick Dubplate]

It’s a classic tune that brings smile on peoples face. Let’s face it, sometimes we have to fly pon Ryan air!

Cutty Ranks – Badness (Marcus Visionary remix) (Inner City Dance)

This is probably my fav tune in 2015 and im still playing it. Dutty Cutty Ranks vocals meets heavy Marcus beats, a winner!

Featurecast – Payback Sound (Jungle Strikes)

This is a lovely produced track, contains all the things a big tune should have and a main ting bout it is you can play it in a small venues as well as in big rave dancehalls.


Get it HERE.

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