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Ragga Scum – Dub Assassin / Gunslinger (feat Babel) – Hum Fi Drum

After three long years, Gunslinger by Ragga Scum and Babel finally gets released along side a remake of the 2009 smasher Dub Assassin. The pair of tunes comes out on the Hum Fi Drum imprint which is a sister label to Humdruma Recordings out of Los Angeles. We take a look at this release which just hit Beaport this week.

Ragga Scum – Dub Assassin (2015)

What happens when you combine classic Kung Fu and tareout Amen jungle? You get Dub Assassin! This tune is not for the faint of heart or the early morning dancefloor. We start with some classic Shogun Assassin samples and quickly turn into a battle of amen drums and synth heavy basslines. Total annihilation and war on the floor. Great remake of the 2009 tune and destined to be a classic in years to come.

Ragga Scum feat Babel – Gunslinger

After 3 long years Gunslinger finally hits the streets! Hip-hop meets jungle mayhem in this tune that’s perfect for to open up with yet versatile to be used during any peek hour time. The hard synth basslines run deep combined with precision drums to make this tune some heavy heat for the summer dance. Grab this one up fast or be left in the dust.

“Ragga Scum clocks in on the Hum Fi Drum imprint with two heavy hitting tunes “Dub Assassin” and “Gunslinger”. “Dub Assassin” has those classic kung-fu samples and tearing beats. “GunSlinger” by Ragga Scum & Babel on this tune a perfect combo to ruff up your set….” – Beatport

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