Prolix – The Message VIP/ Beat Down VIP – Blackout Music NL


Prolix and Blackout Music NL give us two fantastic VIPs. Teaming up with Black Sun Empire and DC Breaks. If you liked the originals mixes, then strap in for a new take on two epic bangers originally released last year on the album Murder Mile.

Like a serial killer going back to relive a murder, Prolix returns to the scene of the crime of Murder Mile on Blackout Music NL to relive some epic killer tracks with a fresh new take.

‘The Message’ either sounds like a desperate plea for help by a hostage or a signal from another dimension. I really can’t decide. Maybe both? Prolix and Black Sun Empire are a team to be reckoned with to say the least. Starting out with ye ol menacing synths that warp more and more and build and build like you’re being stalked by something you can’t see. A sample telling us to look to the sky for a message. So, I’m thinking alien invasion now. The drop hits like a bomb and doesn’t let up. After the fill a heavy metal guitar sounding wub wub wub kicks it into high gear and it goes up yet another notch at the next fill. The bridge reminds us of the message from aliens again and I’m thinking they’re going for the sounds of lasers and guns here. Cuz….yeah….def alien invasion soundtrack. Second half keeps building but then takes a left turn and instead of adding elements cuts a few and you suddenly feel like you’re falling. Sorry to ruin the surprise ending.

‘Beat Down’ is….well about the only place left to go when you hit the alien invasion intensity level. This time Prolix gets gritty with DC Breaks and they manage to make a beat down sound like an air raid here. This track is a pure head banger’s delight. If you’re in the mood for some fast and furious bombs coming at you with ground and pound intensity (or is it the other way around?) then this is packing the explosives you need. Hold on…is this an air raid or an MMA fight? Oh wait…it’s neither. It’s Drum and Bass at it’s most over the top intensity. Got a bit carried away there for a minute.



Black Sun Empire

DC Breaks

Blackout Music NL