Prestige – Insane People EP [Serial Killaz]


Alex Prestige has a string of drum and bass hits to his name and now he brings that almighty force to the legendary Serial Killaz label with the ‘Insane People’ EP. Full of B Movie inspired samples and a combination of dancefloor smashers and head rocking beats, this EP will fit into any DJs virtual record box whatever their requirements.

‘Flea’ kicks off proceedings with its grungy bassline and simplistic beat structure that gels with the overall tune structure like Super Glue. It’s a relentless piece of jump up that rarely stops to give you a breather.

You have no doubt already heard ‘Way It Is’. It’s been almost impossible to get away from this tune over the last 3 months and to be honest, it’s had such a well deserved reception it’s no wonder why. With its DJ friendly intro and crushing swing beats it’s certainly a deadly weapon and will have crowds bouncing like nobody’s business.

‘Stressed Out’ takes a totally different approach with vintage oriental samples leading the way for a mere 20 seconds before crashing into a deadly drop of destruction. This one is certainly firing on all cylinders!

The title track of the EP ‘Insane People’ gives a false pretence of calm, building up with pads, and soft hi hats but that’s about as relaxing as it gets. When Alex Prestige makes a bonkers track he really does set his mind to it and this one is certainly no exception.

‘Injury’ has a similar build as ‘Insane People’ although leads into a totally different direction. Rather than crazy midrange bass lines, this one opts for growling, sliced bass notes, crunchy snares and haunting pads.

Don’t sleep on this, it’s a massive collection of brand new beats for your ear.

Words: Jamie S23