DNB Vault

Podcast: Taken


Hailing from the depths of Richmond, VA, Neurofunk rudeboy Taken drops by the Vault 78 studio to record a killer mix for the DNB Vault Podcast series.

Download Taken DNB Vault Podcast 024 here!

1. Sunday Blues – NC-17 and Liminal (Scientia)
2. Delivery Service – Jaybee and Zere (Chronic)
3. Footprint – Maztek, Optiv and BTK (D&B Arena)
4. Gutter Level – Silent Witness (Triple Seed)
5. Hot 4 U – Liminal
6. Untruths – Scar (Horizons)
7. Everytime – Stealth and Xtra (Program)
8. Left Behind – Anile (Fokuz)
9. Badfellaz – Kiat and Need for Mirrors (Dispatch)
10. Deadwood – Need for Mirrors (Flexout)
11. Disaffected – Anile (Deep Soul)
12. Imerial Tomb (VIP) – Skyweep and Dubtype (Influneza)
13. Diffused (SPY remix) – The Upbeats and S.P.Y. (Vision)
14. The Host – Ed Rush and Optical (Virus)
15. Journey Inwards – Optiv and CZA (C4C)
16. All Yours (SPY remix) – S.P.Y. and Submotion Orchestra (Hospital)
17. Slicey – Dementia and Rregula (Basswerk)
18. Just A Nod (Vicious Circle remix) – Phobia (Renegade Hardware)
19. Backlash – Optiv and BTK (Virus)

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