Pish Posh Interview and Exclusive DJ Mix

Pish Posh DNB Vault Podcast 025

Pish Posh, of Renegade Hardware and Formation Records fame, drops by the Vault 78 studio to deliver an hour of self-produced, original tunes and collabs with some top artists like DJ SS, Fonkah, and Subsonik.

Who the fuck is Pish-Posh?

I am Keef DeStefano – originaly from Queens New York Sneaker size = 10.5. In 1986 I picked up my first belt driven turntables and started spinning Hip Hop,Electro and Freestyle. In 1990 I started purchasing studio gear and put out my first DIY record in 1995 under the alias “Dj Wally”.

You’ve seen styles and vibes come and go over the years – what is it about drum & bass that keeps you coming back for more?

I would have to say it’s originality and evolution within the genre itself. When I was first introduced to Jungle it was in 94, and it was strictly Ragga vibes mixed with hints of Techno, R&B and Hip Hop. You see..in those days there were no “Jungle parties”, the parties were mostly multi genre with separate rooms with Dj’s playing Ambient/DUB/Trip Hop in one room and Techno/House/Jungle in another room, so you really didn’t know what to expect, where as today you can have a strictly DnB party and have 5 different Dj’s all spinning different styles under one roof..Liquid..Neuro..JumpUp etc.

You know how in hip-hop there’s an East Coast/West Coast sound? Is that true in dnb? Is there a different attitude between the two spots or a distinct sound, vibe, attitude that you see working itself out in your productions and those around you?

With Hip Hop there was definitely a Huge difference in sound between the East and West Coast, where as with Drum N Bass I never really noticed it that much and I think that could of been due to us all being Independent and not backed by any major entity dictating to us how things should sound.

I imagine you can trace a lot of that back to your roots in trip-hop which on its own seemed to draw from ambient, funk, jungle, hip-hop, etc. Talk a bit about that era of your history and take a minute to kind of define what that sound was for those who may not have been around (aka all the youth).

Like I mentioned earlier..I started producing Hip Hop back in 1992. My parents were hippies and I was always exposed to loads of different styles of music..not just the typical stuff you would expect like the Stones and the Beatles, but underground stuff like Vanilla Fudge.. Grand Funk Railroad.. Hot Tuna… Cream..etc which I think led to my rather odd take on Hip Hop {Sampling} production.. Then in 94 I was introduced to “Trip Hop” which was basically instrumental Hip Hop with a twist..an experimental version of Hip Hop that didn’t rely on a rapper..In 95 I would press my first 12″ under the alias Dj Wally “The Green” EP which caught the attention of Mo Wax Label head James Lavelle {1/2 of U.N.K.L.E with Dj Shadow} and also gained respect from artist’s like Dj Krush, Giles Peterson, Mixmaster Morris and Cold Cut. I would go under the name Dj Wally until signing with the now defunct legendary Hip Hop label Rawkus in 97.

Especially with your recent output there seems to be this merging of jump-up and neurofunk vibes in your tunes. Genre in general seems so fluid these days – is that something you’ve noticed as well? Is that a concern of yours when you’re in the studio putting beats and vibes together?

I embrace all the sub genres and have never been one to stick to any one style..I definitely lean more towards the heavier Neurofunk sound these days especially with my Dj sets,but I also dabble a bit with some Jumpier sounds as well as the chiller Liquid stuff like I release on Formation records.I believe that has always been my M.O. – I never wanted to be pigeonholed to one particular style.

This year has been a huge one for you release-wise and you seem to have caught a second wind. What’s behind the new output? From out here it looks like you’re inspired and have a renewed sense of purpose which is quite frankly, inspiring and contagious to us as well!

After spending years composing for Film and Television The timing just seemed right and I no longer looked to DnB as a paycheck, but rather just a love of something that helped define who I am…Sometimes you have to step away from something in order to see it in a different light.

So many tunes of yours coming out this year in solo and collab mode! We can’t even keep up – what are some of the most recent bits rolling through that people should be checking out?

“Mitch Connor” is a collab I did with Subsonik which came out on Formation back in March and is featured on Subsonik’s “Spectre” EP,it’s a trancey hypnotic roller.

“Clear Skies” {DJ SS remix } which was featured on The Formation Records Compilation “Sounds of the Summer” is a Liquid tune which features the vocal talents of NYC’s own Lullaby who I have been working with quite a bit lately.

“Frogman” 4mulate remix and “The Moon” Blacklab remix came out on Abducted LTD this past July and saw plenty of support in the UK and US and charted in the top 20 on Beatport’s best DnB releases.

“Broken Nights” was released on Mayan Audio’s Compilation “Summer Drum & Bass 2016” this past August and is a collaboration I did with Signalfista who is a duo out of Texas who are definitely a pair of producers to look out for..the track features Elijah Divine who is a beast of an MC out of Boston,the track itself is hard hitting Neurofunk.

“After Adam” is a collab I did with one of my favorite stateside producers Glitch which saw release this November on Flex Recordings “Altered States” LP..Deep and dark Neurofunk vibes for days.

“The Propaganda Bomb” a collab with The Burner Brothers who I have been good friends with since the early days of  the NY  scene  that came out on their label Patrol The Skies Music!  Expect some new heat from me on their label in 2017

Grab your copy of these gems from Pish Posh’s Beatport Artist Page!

You’ve unleashed “Mahogany” on The DnB Vault for free as well – tell us about the tune and how you feel about giving away tunes for free these days as the heads still seem to be divided on that line. Is it a good promotional tool? Does this mean the old ways of selling tunes aren’t as effective as they used to be?

“Mahogany” it’s a chill “feel good” roller..one of those tunes that you can mix with something similar and not sound too busy.Technology dictates the selling of music,today people are able to create more rapidly and abundantly because there is no real financial commitment like having to drop thousands of dollars to purchase studio gear or press Vinyl or cd’s,plus faster computers,samplepacks and the internet..gone are the days of working on one song at a time,this all translates into more releases each week.Back in the day a few releases would come out each week,these tracks would be a part of dj sets for months to come,where as today very few tracks manage to stay in peoples playlists for more than a couple of weeks…as far as free music goes..I thinks it’s a great way to spread your sound to the masses and to give back to your supporters,especially if you are an up n comer seeking exposure.

You’re about to head out on tour – give us a glimpse into some cities you’ll be hitting and when. For those who don’t know – they see your name on a flyer – what should they expect when you step up on the decks and run things for an hour or so?

No actual tour planned at the moment,But I usually do a couple of shows a month, I was recently added to the Lethal Agency roster headed by Robyn Fuller.
any promoters interested should definitely contact robyn@lethalagency.com – I drop a combination of both upfront/unreleased goodies as well as some classics.

Now before we let you go, the boys at the Vault, I mean I have inside information that somehow you “rule the internet” and that I’m supposed to ask you about things like your hit video “You are Grounded” and your memes. What are they talking about? Is this some alter ego of yours that we should know about?

HAHA That’s funny..The video was intended for all those DnB elitist’s who I find way too serious when it comes to music, I feel like they suck the fun out of this genre with their opinions on what needs to be played at what time of the night by what Dj..  if you have been following my career that video and all the memes I drop on Facebook would come as no surprise.

Speaking of alter ego’s – you’ve also worked with some serious mainstream clients! 

My corporate client list is pretty extensive,I have composed Theme songs for TV shows such as VH1’s Hip Hop Honors,Basketball Wives and Gangland as well as adverts and promo spots for McDonalds,Verizon,HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, ESPN, Time Warner, Showtime and countless others.

I understand you’ve got a special mix for us as well! Does the mix feature any new projects we should be keeping an eye out for?

This mix I compiled consists of some of my favorite solo,collabs and remixes that were released from 2014-2016 and is a really diverse mix of all styles.

Any final shout outs before we jump into the mix?

I would like to thank anyone who has ever supported,purchased or downloaded (legally and illegally) my music over the years,
and to all the labels who have released my tunes, all the artists I have collaborated with and the Promoters who have booked me to play their shows.

01 – Pish Posh,Liminal & Dj SS ft. Bengal – Surrender – Formation Records
02 – Subsonik & Pish Posh – Mitch Connor – Formation Records
03 – Pish Posh & Fonkah – Primitive – Schedule One Recordings
04 – Glitch & Pish Posh – Before Adam – Flex Records
05 – Pish Posh – Grease Pit – Flex Records
06 – DJ SS & Pish Posh_Featuring Lullaby – Survivor – Formation Records
07 – Pish Posh – Mahogany – The DnB Vault
08 – Pish Posh & HammerZz – Disclosure – Onset Audio
09 – Pish Posh – The Moon (Blacklab Remix) – Abducted LTD
10 – Pish Posh – Atom Supremacy (Space Journey Remix) – Vault78
11 – The Burner Brothers – The Offlanders (Pish Posh Remix) – Rockers 175
12 – Pish Posh – Get Ill (VIP Remix) – Rockers 175
13 – Pish Posh & Signalfista_Featuring ELijah Divine – Broken Nights – Mayan Audio
14 – Pish Posh – Clear Skies_Featuring Lullaby (DJ SS Remix) – Formation Records
15 – Pish Posh & Fonkah – Stateside (Markum Remix) – Schedule One Recordings
16 – Pish Posh – Frogman (4mulate Remix) – Abducted LTD
17 – The Burner Brothers & Pish Posh_Featuring Mayor ApeShit- The Propaganda Bomb – Patrol the Skies

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