Pickleman – Electric Dreams LP – Detrimental Audio


Callin’ all Jungle lovers!!!! Special ED here.   It has been a minute since my last review but now I’m back and ready to share Jungle gems that come my way with all the massive.   A while ago I received this sick EP from Pickleman called Electric Dreams, that’s out now.  Pickleman is based out of Melbourne, Australia and manages a record label Detrimental Audio.  The tunes on this EP are exceptional true Jungle.

Electric Dreams – Pickleman 

We begin with a chill funky break and light atmospherics, reminiscent of ’94-’95 Intelligent Jungle of the time.  Catchy little vocal sample with a summer time vibe.  The bassline takes you back to ’96 listen to Metalheadz releases.  Pickleman’s production work on this tune is absolutely amazing.

Electric Dreams – Tim Reaper Remix

Tim Reaper brings in a more complex drum work to the remix.  Deeper punchier bass that resonates within you.  This remix is pure Intelligent Jungle, very Bukem feeling, very sick!  Proper tune with proper production.  Watch those bass bins!

Electric Dreams – Mecca Remix

Mecca takes his remix down a dark ominous road with chopped amens and deep room filling bass stabs.  A short atmospheric pause resets you as the drums slowly start to ramp up for a beautiful onslaught amens and all-consuming deep bass.  If you love Jungle you need this in your life.


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