Phage feat. Drob – Black Magic – Cause4Concern Recordings


C4C Recordings brings us a collection of dark and moody tracks from the shadows by the mighty Phage; who is a new name to the DnB world, but a veteran producer and has been around the DnB block a few times under the name Fa11out. He has had releases with the likes of Optiv and Vegas previously. Returning to trying his hand in the DnB genre and adding to a rather large body of work with new comer Drob. These days in the world of Drum and Bass releasing an EP is taking on making a statement as a label. And C4C Recordings certainly does make one here. The statement seems to be “expect the unexpected”. Maintaining this labels reputation for having an eye for talent and innovative sounds.

As a rule, Drum and Bass is more about tracks than it is about albums. There are however notable exceptions to this rule. And this exception is certainly noteworthy. For a number of reasons, but we’ll get into that.

Ancient Law feat. Drob

Partnering up with newcomer Drob, Phage opens up this collection with an eerie drift and right out of the gates surprises us with a very retro sounding track. The drum arrangements and pads and synth stabs really take you back to the early London days of bedroom producers and DAT tapes. That’s not a critique. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. And a rather good one. Great sci fi sample in the breakdown adds to the drama. If I didn’t know better I’d think the sound here came from an old Dieselboy mix. This track is straight up time machine material, down to the atmospherics and that old school vinyl vibe like it’s a mini mix.

Black Magic

This rolls in with the horror movie vibes thick, and at the drop has a pretty busy drum pattern with lots of triplets. Accented by what I’d call a “talking” guitar sounding riff, with layers of synths that continue to build the mood. Vocals that are really more like wailing and ya gotta wonder just what is being summoned. Really is named appropriately as it conjures up images of dark robed figures in candle lit chambers. I wouldn’t say that we are going full virgin sacrifice here…but I will say that it would make great soundtrack material.

Fall From Grace

This one starts out with some choppier samples and rising synths, vocals come in and building sparse drums to a dramatic drop that starts pummeling with the drums. Those guitar sounding riffs (again) bridge the melody and rhythm nicely and the fills keep you guessing in that “is this a break down?” way that gets your attention. A very dramatic track all around. One that is unique and familiar at the same time.


Continuing with the moody and eerie intros, at the drop it starts rolling and bounces quite a bit. Something about this track makes me want to keep turning it up. The drums have a very driving circular feeling to them, where it’s almost hard to tell where one measure ends and the next begins. Great churning synth stabs and pad effects in the background keep in firmly planted on the dark side. Probably the most dancefloor friendly track on the EP.

It’s About To Get

This is a hard techno track. Won’t give it too many lines as Drum and Bass is kinda “our thing” here. But, it does add some range to the EP and I do have to say, that even though hard techno isn’t really my jam…this is a good track. Phage has a broad pallet as an artist and quite a spectrum of sounds.


This track is bound for main stage glory at the festivals if I’ve ever heard one. Checks all the boxes: intro has a good solid hi hat snare, super dramatic wub wubs with atmospheric viby synths building up to an atomic drop and a heavy weight pounding drum pattern that keeps on coming at ya with layer after layer building as the track progresses. There are some elements that I’m not gonna call out by name here cuz I want y’all to actually listen to it. Why? Well, they are either gonna grab you by the boo boo and you’ll really dig the reference (I’m looking at you Neuro heads) OR they are really gonna piss you off and you’ll hate it and call it derivative. You’ll know it when you hear it cuz it’s unmistakable. I love it. You can make up yer own damn mind.

Once again C4C Recordings demonstrates why they are one of the more innovative labels in the game. They do deliver. There’s a reason this EP has 3 tracks on the top 100.



C4C Recordings