P Money & Whiney – Buss the Red – Hospital Records


P Money and Whiney join forces to deliver a absolute smasher of a single on Hospital Records. Already doing damage on dance floors world wide, this one is poetry AND motion.

One of the more sought after newer talents around, Whiney enlists the vocal and rhyming magic of P Money for a masterful ride of beats and bars.

Hospital Records knows talent and these two step up and deliver. If you haven’t been paying attention, Whiney has blown up lately and for good reason. He always delivers top shelf productions that please not just the studio geeks but everyone on the dance floor as well.

And P Money is no slouch either. Been in the game for a minute. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that he damn near steals the show here. It’s a really good combo, cuz I got so wrapped up in P Money‘s lyrical twists and turns that I almost stopped paying attention to what a great dance track this is. Also, fun fact: P Money also directed the music video for this track as well. Talent for days around this joint.

And it’s not just a dance floor track either. If you are the studio geek type that likes to listen close and appreciate the quality of a production, then it’s got that as well. Which is really rare in my experience but Whiney manages to pull that off here. It breaks with convention a bit in just the structure, expecting lyrics and then a few bars of just instrumental sections at the least. But, it never really takes a break. Which is really engaging here, cuz you expect things to go one way, but they take the sudden “left turn” when you expect to go straight forward.

Some very fine quality and well produced wubs wubs for the dancers and producers alike by Whiney. And those bars P Money puts on top roll with it just perfect.





P Money


Hospital Records