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Ozma – WOW – Ozriderz

Ozriderz are pleased to present their new solo EP from Ozma. It includes 5 tracks with a signature sound, as well as one collaboration with the talented Kyoku, a vocalist from Poland.

The first and title track is called “Wow”. One of the most anticipated works from Ozma in recent times, receiving support from DJ Hype. The track is filled with energy that will make any dance floor move. Signature jump-up with a talking melody, it’s all you need. The second work is “Take Me Over” This is collaborate with Kyoku. Covered Intro pads and crystal vocal will prepare you for a juicy drop. In this track, you can clearly hear how Ozma plays the vocals with atypical sounds, this is very effective on the dance floor, and has been tested many times.

The next track is “Team”! Unusual work with an unusual arrangement of drums, but this only adds zest to the track. Fat wobbles and dense vocal sounds sick. Space Intro, perfectly fits into the concept of the track. “Ghosts” is the fourth work on the EP. The mysterious 8-bit takes us back several decades with its sound, but when the drop comes, we are transported back to 2020. A great roller all around.

The final work becomes the track “Hunter”. The disturbing beginning perfectly conveys the state of the hunter who went out into the jungle. In the drop you will hear different percussions, as if it is behind these palm trees that the local tribe plays this music. A very unusual work that is sure to break the dance floor.

One of the leading St. Petersburg drum&bass producers with more than 10 years of career in the field of broken rhythms. Having started his career in 2005 by writing a techno, he gradually moved into dnb, mainly focusing on the Jump Up sound, which is the latest of his releases often gives way to experimental Neurofunk sound, already appreciated by the world of drum&bass-lobby.

The first major release of OZMA‘s debut album “Nu Skool”, was released 12 years ago, in 2008, tracks from which immediately received airplay on major local radio stations and leading representatives of the genre in Russia and abroad. Since then, OZMA has produced a huge number of releases in both digital and vinyl format.

OZMA has released track on most of the top European Jump Up-imprints, including the legendary DJ Hype‘s Playaz, as well as Serial Killaz, Multifunction and many others. OZMA‘s tracks have been featured in live dj sets and podcasts some of the world’s top drum&bass DJs such as Noisia, DJ Hype, Rene Lavice, Annix, Sub Zero just to name a few.










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