On Guard with Two:Tone


We speak with Eli aka Destructive Me who heads the long running Two:Tone crew inside the big D, Dallas.

Can you give us a brief history of the night/crew?
TWO:TONE was started roughly 8 years ago by Thomas Allen, Alex Casares and DJ Soul Jah. Starting off with House Music in the main room and Dnb in the second, TWO:TONE was named for the multi genres exhibited at the weekly. However, Dnb quickly made it’s way from the side room to become the main life force of the collective. Getting its start at Whiskey Bar on lower Greenville, Two:Tone quickly gained notoriety in the Dallas dnb scene and has since gone on to be involved in hundreds of Dnb events across Texas and the U.S. In 2014, TWO:TONE made their home the WITS END in Deep Ellum tx and after a year of World Wide DNB events they continue to provided quality drum & bass for the great city of Dallas Texas .

How long has the night/crew been officially going?
We have been running 8 years this May.

Who are your current resident djs?
Over the years we have gained and lost a few members but we have managed to solidify one of the strongest front lines in Texas DNB. Currently residents are: MC ASTRO, DESTRUCTIVE ME, RCA, NORM 3, THOMAS ALLEN

In a world engulfed by “EDM” what do you contribute the nights longevity to?
In one word, Consistency. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our ups and downs over the years but we have proven to be a consistent source of quality drum & bass. We have managed to deliver some of the world’s best Dnb and jungle talent and we continue to do so on a regular basis. I believe that speaks volumes to our crowd and city.

What are your Top 5 Favorite memories or milestones?
VALLEY OF THE KINGS show w/ Marvelous Cain, Shaba D and Dj Curious (first time we attempted more than 3 major headliners)
2014 SUMMER SERIES (8 back to back weeks of full scale shows)
DJ SAGE (first Headliner show)
AK1200 and DARA (first time attempting 2 major headliners)

If you could pick any 3 djs past, present, or future for a dream line up who would they be?
Andy C, Hype, Craze

Do you have any advice for new promoters?
Well, just to keep it simple. Come up with a smart master plan. Stick to your master plan. Do things the right way. Don’t lie. Love what you do. If you can manage to keep all the crap that comes with scene politics with In those bounds you just might be able manage a successful DNB company.

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