On Guard With NAP DNB


We speak with Peter Tanasovich, one of the founders of the Indianapolis crew known as NAP DNB who has been hitting the city hard with top quality events for over the last year while bringing a unity to the junglists of the region. We asked Peter some questions to look deeper into this midwest group of drum & bass dj’s and producers.

Can you give us a brief history of the crew?
First I’d like to explain a bit about the name. Indianapolis is known as Naptown, hence the NAP. I assume the DNB part is self-explanatory. The crew was founded to provide a single source for dnb in the city and throughout the state. We’ve seen a resurgence in the electronic scene here and wanted to create a way to bring the love of Drum’n Bass to the youth in a scene where it was largely underrepresented in our eyes. Indiana and Indianapolis in particular has a surprisingly strong history as far as dnb/jungle is concerned. Dave Owen, Parallel NSF, Sumone, Jahba, Gizzmo, and Manic for example. One of the city’s longest running electronic music weeklies (Broke(n) Tuesdays), while it has changed hands a few times and seen changes, it was largely a dnb event throughout.

How long has the crew been officially going?
NAP DNB just celebrated it’s one year anniversary. We are hosting our first warehouse party with American OG junglist 3D very soon. Collectively we have something like 60+ years experience. And the Tuesday night events we will be taking over has been running close to 15 years, a majority of which under one of NAP DNB crew members.


Who are your current resident djs?
We like to share as much time behind the decks with as many of our local jungle/dnb djs as possible and that list isn’t short. The camp includes:Dj Hollow Point, NuM3r1k, Gizzmo, Antik One, and Sea Monkey are our organizational core. However, BA Brawkus, Phsyko-lojik, Ceebz, Johnny Utah, Dave Owen, Psynapse, Roots Iric (mc/dj), Kryzma, Manic, Carnie, and Sarge can’t be left out. We are huge fans of tag and 2×4 sets.

In a world obsessed by “EDM” and top 40 what do you contribute the nights longevity to?
Community and a passion for underground music are undoubtedly huge contributors. I myself (Antik One) was introduced to Broke(n) Tuesdays in 2002. I met a guy at school because of my ESDJCO bag. Walking into the place felt like home and I hadn’t met anyone yet. Passion is another large contributor. People willing to put in work for what they love, often for free or at their own expense.

What are your top 5 Favorite memories or milestones?
From a crew standpoint hitting the one year mark was and running our first stage at a local festival for sure. From a personal standpoint watching my friends develop as djs/producers/MCs and being a part of that. Watching something grow organically in a scene that has a different focus and seeing the community and interest developing around Drun’n Bass and Jungle again.

If you could pick any 3 DNB/Jungle DJ’s past or present for a dream line up who would they be?
There is always one impossible question. It would be rude of me not to include the voice of the crew on this… and they will probably hate me for saying this isn’t a personal choice, but. Andy C is undoubtedly at the top the core’s list. Beyond that I can’t speak for them. Personally… the lineup would be as follows: Decoder, Hive (pre NEO), and Amoss. Really, I’d love to see a record label 2×4 tag set battle between Metalheadz, Critical, and Dispatch.

Do you have any advice for new promoters?
Don’t burn bridges. Support your local scene as much as possible. Community is key. A good group of people who are open, friendly and caring can make a boring event with shitty djs at least enjoyable. Have as much fun as possible, but work first. Don’t skimp on sound!

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