On Guard With M.I.A.


We speak with Alfonz DeLaMota of M.I.A. and learn more about one of USA largest DNB crews expanding across the entire country.

Can you give us a brief history of the crew?
M.I.A. was started to push drum n bass after we noticed no one else was doing it proper anymore. We gathered a few like minded DJs and started hosting our own parties and develop our own following that wanted to hear the kind of drum n bass we offer. With the help of the internet our cause and dedication appealed to other junglist and that joined our crew and it spread all over the USA.

How long has the crew been officially going?
M.I.A. has been running strong since 2006 and our night has been officially going since about 2008 at Smart Bar. We took a small break about 5-6 months and returned and are running every other month on the third Thursday.

Who are your current resident DJ’s?
The residents of the #miaparty at Smart Bar are Alfonz Delamota, MC Questionmark UK, Rifle MC and Dioptrics but our crew is much larger with approximately 57 members including Danny the Wildchild, Phantom 45, General Malice, Jae Kennedy, 4mulate, Ragga Scum and Direct Feed to name a few.

In a world engulfed by “EDM” what do you contribute the nights longevity to?
All we can do is what we know… we hope people like it, and so far Smart Bar is happy with what our night does
and every one that goes enjoys them selves, its a real fun night and its all vibes. The DJs and MCs really sound
impressive on the funktion one sound system.

What are your Top 5 Favorite memories or milestones?
Smart Bar offering us a regular night.
Landing M.I.A. nights at all of Chicago’s top clubs and by the top promoters.
Releasing several EPs featuring music produced my M.I.A. members on combat records usa.
Organizing and hosting drum n bass events in several parts of the USA.
Hosting a 3 day all drum n bass festival with a few 100 of our closest friends.

If you could pick any 3 djs past, present, or future for a dream line up who would they be?
Mampi Swift, Dillinja, Bassline Smith

Do you have any advice for new promoters?
Book good DJ’s! Good locals and DJ’s you believe in and make sure they play in a real DJ booth with all they need to make the experience that much better for the people that spend money at your events… oh and have subs.

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