On Guard With Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness

Hailing from the top of the Rocky Mountains is Altitude Sickness, a crew of old school junglists throwing quality events in the Mile High city. We talk with Shawn McMillon and Ryan Vail to learn more.

Can you give us a brief history of the crew?
Altitude Sickness was formed out of necessity. We were the wayward Denver DnB heads without a home. You can only be homeless for so long before you start building yourself a home of scraps. We have 5 pillars of the crew who form up like Voltron with each serving their own purpose. The rest of the crew fortifies the walls and holds the roof overhead. We had to have an inner-ring due to the sheer volume of interest we’ve received from others tired of fighting for scraps. We’re building our own little city within the community here. We formed on the core ideas of diversity within the DnB arena, integrity in all we do, and putting the good of the Denver nightlife scene above our own personal egos and beefs. So far the reaction from others in the area is extremely positive and we feel primed to explode into the Denver nightlife rotation. We currently host two monthly nights and have all night warehouse and camping events that we’d like to add throughout the year on top of our one off shows.

How long has the night/crew been officially going?
Our crew was formed a bit over 2 months ago on a random conversation between strangers who wanted to bring a mutual friend (Brent from Liminal) for his first Denver Appearance….we’ve been inseparable since. Our first monthly was on February 19th for 3rd Thursdays at Milk Bar, which will have an all jungle 2nd installment of “Sick N Dirty Thursdays” on the 19th of this month.
We will also be launching a DnB night called “Ascendance” in the basement of the legendary Church Nightclub on the 27th of this month, downstairs from Global Fridays.

Aside from that we also have our official crew launch with Liminal on the 14th at Hyperspace Vintage Arcade. This will also be a release party for Audioporns Inner Space DnB Volume 1 teaser which we are pretty high on right now.

Who are your current resident djs?
We have a very large crew so we base play time on work put into Altitude Sickness. Our are main artists in rotation currently are Dirty Rotten, Proper Edit-Kutz, DrumSum, McILLiN, Destruction By Distortion and StarPhox.

Our full roster consist of: Apollo, Bassline, Bigg Chris, Blindside, Cold Kutz, Desciple13, Dirty Rotten, Distruction by Distortion, DjBC, DjGhost, Dj4LiFe, Domina, Don’t Fake the Bass, Drumsum, Evasive, Jynx, McIllin, Miss Felix, NoFrendo, N Ya Bass!, Proper Edit-Kutz, Push Reset, Safety Tom, $hr-Edit, Starphox, Strife, Subspoken and MC Relyt.

In a world engulfed by “EDM” how do you plan to contribute to the nights longevity?
We haven’t had long enough to establish longevity, but we are relying on the unrelenting love for Drum and Bass and Jungle that permeates through Denver. This town is electric with junglist energy and thanks to those who were here before us, we don’t see the nights going away any time soon. It’s all about the love and the music….if we didn’t have that, we’d have never started this in the first place. It’s our goal to be diverse within the realm of Drum and Bass. We want to push acts old and new in all spectrums of the sound. We want to give Colorado artist a chance to be heard and reward work done for the betterment of the scene. It’s a goal to also push the American Drum and Bass scene and the amazing but not as well known talents within our North American borders. What’s EDM?

If you could pick any 3 djs past, present, or future for a dream line up who would they be?
The crew would all have differences in list, which is what makes us work so well together.

Shawn McMillon (McIllin) – Andy C, Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith, Evol Intent

Ryan Vail (Shr-Edit) – Break, Gridlok, Infiltrata

Any advice for new promoters?
Get out there and do work. It’s not easy. Expect to lose occasionally. You gotta keep your roots in mind and just take on things one item at a time or you will get over-whelmed. We couldn’t get booked two months ago, not because we are bad, but because Denver is a loaded deck. Take advantage of opportunities. Make friends with people worldwide. Put yourself into everything you do. If you half ass it, you will fail. Above don’t loose your Identity that is what makes you unique.

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