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On Guard: Re:Merge


The DNB Vault speaks with Robyn Fuller of the Raleigh, North Carolina production company Re:Merge that has been the fixture of the areas drum and bass since early 2015. Robyn, who also serves Lethal Talent Agency, is no stranger to events with nearly 5 years of DNB club nights under her belt. We met up with this aficionado of drum and bass to find out more about her newest endeavor.

Can you give us a brief history of the night/crew?
Re:Merge is a quarterly DnB event that began in Spring of 2015. The name is a take on an event one of my predecessors held down here in NC several years ago called “Merge”. It is our mission to breathe new life into the local DnB community and give as much love to American Drum and Bass as possible. So far we have hosted Logam, Kronology and on this upcoming lineup we are featuring Spinscott, Will Miles, and some really incredible local talent. Although my company, Bassbunny Productions has been hosting drum and bass events for over 4 years now, Re:Merge is my baby and I cannot wait to watch her grow.

How long has the night/crew been officially going?
This event, in particular, less than a year… however, Bassbunny Productions have been holding down a Tuesday weekly since September 2011. We have fostered many up and coming local DJ’s, and catered to many genres. I am very fortunate to have been blessed with an amazing team of people that helped that night grow and become a staple of the music community here in Raleigh, NC. We stayed at the same venue (Spy Bar) until just about a year ago when it closed, and are now very happy at our new home, The Black Flower. The management/owners of the venue have a deep love for music, sound quality, and generating a safe, inviting atmosphere for both young and young at heart music seekers. Couldn’t be happier with our current situation.

Who are your current resident DJ’s?
We decided to steer clear of “residents” for this event, as we really want to be able to spread the love to as many supportive local and regional artists as possible. It would be remiss of me not to mention Aggression (Jon Schnake), Mighty Mouze (Chris Miles), Devin Wesley and Sporattix (Karl Busch). Four people that have really poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making sure each night goes down without a hitch as far as equipment setup, sound check, and all around making sure my head doesn’t fly off wink emoticon

In a world engulfed by “EDM” what do you contribute the nights longevity to?
Although Re:Merge is still in the baby stages of growth, we have had some major support from the local DnB community. We thrive on the input of the community and really try to ensure that everyone gets a hug and a thank you for their support. Our venue is very intimate, so we hope to continue growing our family and network so this DnB event can become a safe haven for those who seek it.

What are your Top 5 Favorite memories or milestones
I remember walking around Spy, about a year into the start of my weekly, feeling an immense amount of joy and pride as I watched close to 400 people treat each other like family and dance to the music. Everyone began to take ownership in the night and that was an incredible feeling.

For my two-year anniversary party, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bring out my absolute idols in music… Calyx and TeeBee. That was a life changing experience for me and absolutely everything I dreamed it would be. We turned a few non-DnB kids, that night. The kids that now frequent events like Re:Merge. Mission accomplished!
The day I learned that Spy was closing and it would be the end of something very dear to me, I was heartbroken. I was not going to continue the Tuesday legacy until The Black Flower and another local company (Madhouse Underground Productions) coaxed me into moving the night. Every day I am thankful they did, as it gave me the opportunity to utilize that venue for Re:Merge. It is a small, intimate venue, with a powerful sound system and amazing vibes (usually pretty cheap drinks too)

Having Logam out for our first Re:Merge was the best choice I think we could have made. He brought such a passion and love for his music and you could FEEL it through the speakers. It vibrated in all of our souls all the way down to our feet. People still thank me for that show to this day (but really, thanks Thomas!). That was a pretty spectacular milestone, if you ask me.

Although there are plenty more memories to be made, I must say that our last Re:Merge with Nick from Kronology was absolutely insane and memorable. I can’t remember the last time I danced that hard and had so much fun. That set only solidified to myself and our local community that Re:Merge is going in the right direction…. and I can’t wait to show our town how much incredible talent is out there that they have yet to be exposed to. American DNB, KEEP BRINGIN IT!

If you could pick any 3 past or present for a dream lineup who would they be?
Oof. This is hard. The world knows what a huge Calyx and TeeBee fan I am, but since we aim to really promote American DnB with Re:Merge, I’d have to say:

  • Legion & Logam
  • AK1200
  • Gridlok

Do you have any advice for new promoters?
If you want to be successful and stay successful, be kind to everyone. Being kind to everyone does not mean you can allow yourself to be treated as a doormat, as people will tend to do in this industry. However you will find that if you stick to DnB, we all pretty much have each others back.

I owe a lot of what I learned to Drew McMath (Deep Cover Movement) and Laurence Anthony (GruvGlu). I will never forget how welcoming, kind (and tough!), and patient they were with me. It takes a lot to let a “young buck” come into a scene you’ve put a lot of time and effort into and say “Hey, we trust you enough to take the reigns. Here ya go kid.”

The advice I try to live by and often recant to those around me: “Don’t ever forget where you came from. And don’t step on the faces of the people who lift you up.”