Oder’s Top 5 Formation Records Releases


Oder has just signed to Formation Records and has dropped his new EP ‘Four Thousand Miles’.  This EP is killing dance floors all over the world with a combination heavy beats, heavy bass & production levels that will stand up against the best in the game. So we caught up with him to find out what his Top 5 releases on Formation are.

You can get your copy of the Four Thousand Miles EP HERE

1. Influx Uk – Its Love
This tracks brings great memories and its also one of my all time favourite D&B tracks. Around the time this one was released the scene in my town (Porto, Portugal) was full of events and we had the pleasure to receive some of the greatest DNB acts.  Also remember to sell quite few vinyl copies on the record shop that i previously had called Zona 6.. good times!

Watch out for my remix dropping in 2017 on Formation Records.

2. DJ SS – Lighter
This one’s a classic!  When i started listening to DNB, SS was one of the first dj’s that got me hooked to this style of music, the use of samples, breaks and creating your own sounds made a big impact and influenced me to start producing my own music. At that time it wasn’t easy to download dj sets as internet was very slow and to find “that track” wasn’t easy too, we didn’t had shazam apps to search for us, maybe that’s the reason tunes had a mystic we can’t seem to find these days cause now everybody knows everything.

3. John B – Pressure
That piano, the jungle breaks and the KRS1 sample.. epic! Always followed John B’s music, from his early “Future Reference” album to his most recent works there’s always something really interesting on his approach to create music.  First got introduced to John B’s music through Kemistry & Storm – DJ Kicks compilation that features ‘Ole’, ‘Pressure’ and several other underground classics. Tracks like this two or ‘All Night’ and recent ones like ‘Lava’ or ‘Evolve’ really shows the depth and passion this guys has for timeless and epic dnb music.


One of the many tracks this guys perfectly produced and one that i rinsed a lot
on the vinyl days! started many sets with this one because of the great intro that goes into some half time drums build up before the big drop, Breathless!

5. Nero – Energy
Like all previous tracks this one was also rinsed to death on my dj sets, what else can be said about this guys that became one of the biggest electronic acts in recent years. Big intro and huge wow bassline. These DNB tracks were just the tip of the iceberg for what they had in store.


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