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OCTO PI on his latest release “The Boz Boz” on NUUSIC

We sat down with OCTO PI and talked about his latest release on NUUSIC “The Boz Boz”

What was it like working with NUUSIC crew

They have been a label I’ve been wanting to work with for time, when Dylan originally reached out in 2018, we kept in touch, and it was only the beginning of 2020 I felt I had the right tracks to submit. Dylan and Joe have been really supportive and have certainly helped nurture my sound. Definitely one of best labels I’ve worked with!

With this being your 18th release in 2020 how did you decide on these 4 tracks for NUUSIC?

I originally sent ‘The Hurt’ and ‘Structural’ to Dylan & Joe at Nuusic as I thought they’d be ideal for the label, they really loved them and asked me to write an EP. As they have quite a jungle orientated back catalogue they asked me to write something in that style, which spawned the idea of the title track, although not strictly jungle does contain elements and influences. Finally, they put me in contact with Tyler (Teej) and that final track came really easily as he’s such a sick producer and great to work with.

How did you guys go about choosing the art?

The title obviously comes from Chris Morris’ ‘Brass Eye’ so we were originally planning a yellow cake/pie with a piece cut out as nod to the show. But in the end we went with a simpler and sleek design of a tablet like background which is still in keeping with the original concept.

Where do you see your self as an artist in the next 5 years?

I’m looking to just continue making music really, i’ve already got a few releases lined up for the next year, with the hope of expanding my reach. I’m currently in the process of sorting out my website, and I’m potentially looking to offer 1 to 1 music tuition with the addition of mixing and mastering projects.

What got you into producing Drum And Bass?

I actually started producing on music generator for the PS2, I think I made like 9 albums worth of D&B tracks before my now wife said ‘I think it’s time you bought yourself a PC and some proper software’. So I did, I built a music PC and got my first copy of Cubase SX 2 and it went from there.

Do you have any hobby’s outside of Music?

I have a huge passion for films, I’m an avid collector of extreme cinema – Audition, Batlle Royale, Ichi the killer etc. I do also like collecting special editions, for example , every Wes Anderson film. Seperate from that, I’m a keen kayaker, I’ve kayaked all around the world, my fav place being Hahei Beach in New Zealand.

If you were a superhero what would be your super power be and why?

My name says it all really, I’d have all the abilities of an Octopus! Camouflage, able to fit through small spaces, 8 limbs, just imagine the mixing skills!! Oh yeah and I’d have my own supply of fresh ink for that much needed correspondence!!



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