North Base – I’m Forgiving Love ft Ewan Sim & TOP 5 Vocal DNB tunes!


Been living under a rock? No? Well, in that case, you won’t need to be told about the achievements of Manchester’s North Base. Together, team members Silver, Splice, and Prophecy have released on an eye-watering array of the world’s biggest DnB labels, and appeared on stages most deejays can only dream of. Basically, they’re a big deal. And now, following up their almighty collaboration with Erb N Dub, Punk Rock, they’re back on Technique with some brand new dynamite.

Precision-engineered horns and the swell of pads set the tone immediately. Then as Manchester singer-songwriter Ewan Sim’s distinctive vocal rises over the horizon, I’m Forgiving Love takes on a character all of its own. It’s soulful, and at the same time draws on an almost folk-like heartfelt flavour. We get all of that, underpinned with North Base’s trademark ultra-clean synth manipulation and a build that’s going to cause serious levels of hype. This tune’s clearly going to grab people’s attention across raves and airwaves alike.

As I’m Forgiving Love drops, it’s that serpentine swirl of bass that grabs your attention immediately. Modulating and transforming from bar to bar, once this tune has you in its grasp it’s not going to let you go without a fight. Uppercuts of kick and snare drive the point home, and reverberating siren-calls and snippets of vocal repurposed as percussive fills keep the energy at maximum. A lighters-up breakdown gives the ravers a moment to catch their breath before the madness kicks back in once again. This is simultaneously a main-stage anthem and a high-calibre deejay weapon that’s going to be heard everywhere.

So, North Base have returned to Technique and, to put it simply, they’ve delivered a banger. Explosive bass and beats make this certified dancefloor material, tied together with a vocal from Ewan Sim that gives an extra emotional dimension. Manny’s in the house and they’re not playing.

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We had a second to catch up with the North Base boys and they were kind enough to indulge us with their TOP 5 Vocal DNB tunes.

1. North Base (feat) Ewan Sim – I’m Forgiving Love
Doing the rounds, people singing it at clubs and festivals, hands in the air business

2. Chase & Status (feat) MC Fats – Step Away
Love this tune so much has to be said one of Chase & Status’s best tunes about and Fats just kills it on the vocal. Winner winner chicken dinner!

3. Calyx & Teebee – A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix) – RAM Records
All we can say is aggy! Mental remix gwan Break. Larry on vocals too come on man this is a banger!

4. Turno & North Base (feat) Harry Shotta – Third Eye – Viper recordings
As said above another banger in the sets. VIP version is going off too

5. North Base (feat) Mitch Dowd – Feel The Love – RAM Records
We loved making this track and we love Mitch he’s such a G. You will be hearing more of this guy in the future trust us…..