NomadClip Review


We try out and review the new NomadClip Carabiner Clip with built-in Apple MFi-certified n Lightning to USB Cable before you buy it.

After a successful 2012 kickstarter campaign, for their first USB product, Nomad introduced the NomadClip in January 2015. The NomadClip is a full-sized USB and Lightning plug recessed into sturdy a D-shaped Polycarbonate frame with a reinforced steel spring-loaded hook. Imagine a hook type carabiner combined with a USB-Lighting cable. This is perfect for those that ride a bike or travel with a laptop and do not want another cable or charger in their already stuffed bag. Do not let Nomad’s “not for climbing” disclaimer which is engraved on one of the sides, detour you. While it might not be for climbing, this is very sturdy. You can clip it on your travel bag, back pack or belt loop and not have to worry about it coming off or falling apart. The Lighting plug is attached to a solid plastic block which should prevent the splitting and cable fray that is common with Apple cables.


Now the price $39.95. That may see pricey but to be fair, let us break down the costs. The USB-Lighting cable will run you $9-$15 . A decent carabiner will cost around $12. That’s an averaged total of $24 for both items. Now if you add the form, functionality and durability of the Nomad clip into consideration, I’d say it’s worth it. Check it out for yourself. Oh… and for the Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Micro USB device users, don’t fret they have a Micro to USB NomadClip as well!


For more information on the NomadClip
Nomad Official Website