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Noize Komplaint

One of the newest and hottest groups in drum and bass drops by the DNB Vault this week to talk about their upcoming releases on labels like Formation Records and Patrol The Skies as well as deliver us a killer mix for the iTunes podcast series. We speak with none other than the trio that is known by Noize Komplaint.

You’ve all had pretty promising careers as solo artists, can you tell us what those projects were, who you are and where you came from?
Mike: I got my start back in the late 90’s, then as SVS, and was one of the co-founders of Guerilla Recordings and sponsored by Methods Clothing. Around 2006, I got heavily into ragga jungle and first met Dave. Our first collab release was Another Champion which was a huge success. After this release, I started making ragga heavily under the name Ragga Scum where I was part of Congo Natty, RIQ Yardrock, JungleX and my own label, Warlord Dubplate.

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave and I used to go by a few names. .Com, Chaos In Motion, Fixation, Gamebanger, Mobb Creep, Aurora Sound. I have worked in many genres but DNB has always been my home sound. I am here on the West Coast so I am heavily influenced by the west coast culture and sound.

Greg: You may recognize me better as We Bang, a one hit wonder from the Dubstep era. I’m also currently producing as We Bang x Mister Black and have been seen floating around the Beatport Top 10 lists lately.

Things have been taking off pretty quickly for you guys, first with signing with Formation Records and then Renegade Hardware. Has this early success slowed you down at all?
Dave: It was a bit distracting at first. We weren’t really sure how to handle it since the info was out before the releases. But once we calmed down and got back to work it was easy to use that excitement to propel us further.

Mike: It’s been very exciting and moving pretty quickly but once we were able to got our bearings and wrap our heads around it, we began to get that tunnel vision and get to work.

Your first single is due to release here soon with Patrol The Skies. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
Mike: This one is going to be a banger! Coming out with them is Succubus and The Fallen. We’re very excited to sign with such an amazing US label.

With there being three of you and living in different cities, what is your workflow like and does it become difficult to collab on projects together?
Dave: Our workflow is a bit out of the ordinary. Even though 2 of us live near each other we still work 100% by passing parts of the song back and forth online. We find that changing it up keeps the new ideas flowing and keeps the song from sounding long winded and repetitive.

What is your DAW or DAW’s of choice when working on tunes?
Greg: I use Ableton live 9 and Samplitude.

Dave: We don’t all agree there. LOL Greg is partial to Ableton and works in that. Dave and Mike both work in FL Studio.

Aside from what’s been already mentioned, are there any projects in the works right now that you can talk about?
Dave: We are currently working on some tunes for Grindhou5e we are very excited about. We also have a remix that we entered in a contest because we loved the original so much.

So far you guys have played some heavy shows around the US and Europe, how has the Noize Komplaint sound been received on the dancefloor so far?
Mike: Our sound is being received very well. Honestly, I’m very surprised at how well. I always get a few people running up to the decks when we drop one of our tunes asking, “What is that?!”. So that’s definitely a good feeling. I think we put out a lot of good feeling high energy that’s receptive to both the guys and ladies. People seem to really enjoy it.

Dave: People love it. We have a very high energy DNB sound that we dish out and that is what people are looking for right now. It’s really nice to see some crowds that are receptive to DNB again.

If a promoter wants to get in touch with you about a show what’s the best way to do that? Do you have an agent?
Dave: We are currently discussing the benefits of getting an agent. Any takers?

Mike: At this time we do not have an agency, however folks can get in touch with us via our Facebook page or at

Do you have any final words for the fans out there?
Dave: We really want to thank everyone for the positive support so far. We had no idea this little side project would take off like this and it’s because of the feedback we are getting on the tunes. So thank you to everyone that is taking the time to listen and support us.

Mike: It’s humbling to have all of the support that we’ve received so far from everyone; fans, labels, media, etc. We started this as a side project just for fun and because we all meshed well together and it took off like a rocket due to the love and support, so thank you all. DNB is alive and well here in the USA and around the globe. This is a fun and exciting time for our culture.

Greg: Thank you for following us and stay tuned for some legendary drum and bass!

Click here to download Noize Komplaint DNB Vault Podcast 021!

Godzilla (Audio Remix) – Mefjus – Critical Music
Get Dirty – Mob Tactics – Viper Recordings
Voyager – Kronology – Technique Recordings
Nature of Reality – Prolix – Shogun Audio
Rock Solid – Noize Komplaint – Formation Records
The Level ft. MC ID – Klax – Critical Music
Low – Decimal Bass – Playaz
Outlaw Renegade – Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Technique Recordings
Succubus – Noize Komplaint – Patrol The Skies
Hotline – Klax – Critical Music
Bomb Squad – Resonate – Hospital
Swamp – Gradual – Technique Recordings
Sycophant – Prolix – Shogun Audio
Small Steps – Document One – Technique Recordings
The Fallen – Noize Komplaint – Patrol The Skies
Taking (Ed Rush Remix) – Mefjus – Critical Music
Get This Right (Noize Komplaint Remix) – Koven – Viper Recordings Contest Submission
Outro – Annix – Playaz

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