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Noisefloor – Hiding In Plain Sight / Space Gutter – Patrol The Skies

Yes yes, a brand new release on Patrol The Skies Music, an excellent source of dancefloor smashing DnB and this one is from Noisefloor! I just discovered this Nashville/New York based trio and I gotta say, I am damn impressed by these guys and their sound!

“Holy Noisy Floor Boards Batman! Did you hear the new unholy sounds coming from the youth of America?!”
“No Robin, why?”
“They call it Drum & Bass, but I fail to see any resemblance to a rock n roll orchestra’s rhythm section there!!!“
“So what is it that makes this sound so unholy?”
“…And you call yourself the Batman?! You’ve got a freakin’ cape you can glide with but you can’t even Patrol The Skies to see what kids are doing at these so called Raves?!!!!”
“Oooh, I get where you’re going with this fascist non-sensical 60’s diatribe! Of course, I heard the new Noisefloor single! It’s fucking brilliant!”
(Batman slaps Robin across the face repeatedly)

The songs that comprise this single will find themselves at home in any hard neurofunk mix or playlist with their crisp, jaw-dropping production, but they concurrently sound very different from most neurofunk currently charting on Beatport and being played by the top of the food chain DJs in the scene. These tunes have a bit more grit to them. They also have a clear connection to more retro DnB and more FUNK and than pretty much all neurofunk at the moment. And they are not overly aggressive, or to quote a producer I know “weed-whacker-chainsaw-bro’ed-out-neuro” Thus, they will easily fit in pretty much any DJ’s or listener’s collection.

Let’s start with “Hiding In plain Sight”, a collaboration with NVDR. This tune has a great intro with a lovely electric piano going into a leslie, with quite a melancholy chord progression and melody… Then the drums kick in and sound very live and funky, which instantly sets this tune apart from most neuro tracks, they have a great swing and energy to them and aren’t locked into the all too typical 2-step pattern we producers all cling to. Also, they offer a brilliant contrast to the mechanical and brutal reese bass lines. And those basslines… man, are they heavy! The first burst that hits you in the intro really packs a punch, because you’ll be expecting a more old-school kinda track and BOOM! That first drop is HARD-CORE!!!! In between the bass hits they introduce punctual vocal and high-pitched synth stabs that give an old-school edge (think back to the sounds of The Final Chapter LP on DSCI4), which is the second contrast that makes this tune unique and oh, so enjoyable.

After the main drop, the electric piano comes back in before the breakdown, which creates a third really neat contrast, the soft and pretty with the noisy, brutal bass! Of course, you’ll be wanting more at this point and the second drop, while not that different from the first, is quite welcome because it has that sweet dynamic progression… reminiscent of the traditional but ever so effective verse/chorus structure (only here the chorus comes first). From heavy as that truck in Mad Max Fury Road to beautiful and sad like the impossible romance in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! And the snippet of dialogue before the drops are nice too, I can’t clearly indentify which movie it’s from, but it sounds like Kiefer Sutherland in Dark City, so many bonus points for that awesome reference!

Let’s move on to “Space Gutter”! This tune has a great old-skool style intro with the shakers and the huge, reverb-drenched pad stabs, which are counterpointed by that tense dissonant drone in the background. I love it when the retro trance melody kicks in as well… but this song does not dwell on nostalgia for very long! Before you know it you’re dancing your ass off when the bass drops, with its razor sharp edge and glissandos that sound like they are auto-tuned, which sounds weird in writing, but is a really cool little production trick! The drums also invite you to bounce around with an off-kilter dance-hall type rhythm. This track is one of the all too rare dancefloor tracks with a nice melody that isn’t cheesy as all hell (Netsky and Viper Recordings, I’m looking in your direction here… ahem…

I just wished the drop lasted longer! But Noisefloor does not disappoint by introducing a bridge that will make older headz nostalgic yet again with those sweet, enveloping atmospheric jungle pads. Then comes the breakdown with that euphoric trance synth again and it builds up into the next drop that will most definitely make people lose their shit all over again! Just as we are kept wanting more, the song sadly ends too soon, but not before that beautiful, sexy, jungly, pad-laden section plays again, much to my delight!

To sum up this single, HUGE sounds from Noisefloor and NVDR, hitting all the sweet spots fans and DJs will go mental for! Powerful, beefy and surprisingly human-sounding drums! Completely bonkers, razor sharp, hyper-modulated, interweaving and auto-tune glissando-infused neuro basslines that will make your jaws drop! And most importantly, what sets it apart from most of the harder, dancefloor oriented DnB is the artists’ tasteful re-appropriation and incorporation of classic sounds and nostalgic ear-candy that will please even the most jaded old raver.

My only minor niggle is that I thought the bass in “Hiding In Plain Sight” could have been a tad louder, but I understand the never-ending battle between levels of the drums and bass, especially when a tune is phenomenal in both aspects!

It’s available now on Beatport for $5 USD, and it is definitely worth it! So grab it now and make these guys stars already!

For more information on Noisefloor and Patrol The Skies
Noisefloor on Soundcloud
Noisefloor on Twitter
Patrol The Skies on Soundcloud
Patrol The Skies on Facebook

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