Noise.Dsgnr – Cyberpunk – Abducted Ltd.


In a world where people are constantly asking where the more unique style artists are, you have to keep your ear to the ground to find ones who stand out above the crowd. Noise.Dsgnr fits that mold to a tee, and consistently brings both a style and sound that is completely unique and also stand out from the crowd. Big drums, interesting melodies, and fat bass lines all come through to create an absolutely brilliant soundscape that lures you in every single time. If you want tracks that will stand out in your sets, even if they are online for the time being, Noise.Dsgnr is the artist for you.

‘Cyberpunk’ comes in sounding a lot like a movie track for……well a sci-fi movie titled ‘Cyberpunk’. Full of epic sounding swells and effects. The drop is hyper-kinetic and feels like you’re running full tilt boogie into the future. Driving snares, dramatic fills and older sounding keyboard lines that are futuristic in that 80s sci-fi movie sorta way. After the breakdown it doesn’t just rinse and repeat but takes a left turn into a whole different section of the song. A mini-mix that keeps you guessing every step of the way.

‘3301’ starts us out with airy effects but then picks up what I’m starting to think of as Noise.Dsgnr‘s signature retro keyboard sounds. The drop is really better described as a “warp” and it almost sounds like the tapes are running backwards on this one. Uniquely warping it’s way to the breakdown where those gleefully retro keyboards chime in again. This definitely isn’t a future dance floor hit. But, there is little doubt in my mind that Noise.Dsgnr has no intentions for that. This guy wants you to listen. And in that he succeeds in no uncertain terms. He gets your attention and you want to know what he’s gonna do next.

Abducted Ltd. has given us two very unique and original soundscapes. And Noise.Dsgnr is sure to brings us more provocative audio sculptures in the future.

Or is it “from” the future?



Abducted Ltd.