Every single time Optiv and BTK step into the studio sparks fly and heavy beats and basslines emerge. But every now and then, the stars align and one tune rises above the rest, blessed with just a little something extra that makes even the most battle-hardened drum & bass-head perk up and pay attention as it all unfolds. ‘Reckless’ is one of those tunes and while the whole ‘Dark City’ EP that it’s pulled from is straight fire, there’s something about this tune that not only has been working crowds into a frenzy every time it’s dropped but is worth listening to over and over again as the groove is that good.

Set for a Beatport Exclusive release on Christmas Day (January 8th everywhere else) via the Blackout Music family, the anabolic four-track EP features the haunting vocals of Yves Paquet on the title cut as well as the likes of Ryme Tyme busting his inimitable flavor on “Dirty.” The final tune on the EP, “Sasquatch,” is a stomping beast of a tune worthy of a rewind in its own right but for now, feast your eyes and ears on this badboy tune called ‘Reckless’ and prepare for the rinseout.