Moving from strength to strength with monster releases on imprints like Liquid V, Chronic, Mac 2, Technique, Natty Dub, and Ruffneck Ting, the Tampa-based Jaybee dropped this cut on the masses earlier this week and it is smoking hot. Originally slated for release on Good Looking Records, am assuming Jaybee didn’t want this one sitting on the shelves too long so took matters into his own hands and we can’t thank him enough.

Clocking in at over six minutes long, this isn’t a tune you hit and quit after the drop, this is one of those slowly evolving, deep and heady bits that unfold measure by measure with a rising and falling tension that brings on that proper celestial rush you felt the first time you were bombarded with breaks and basslines under the stars.

Ethereal atmospheres and a crushing amen-driven beat make this one an essential cut that’s sure to bring on the flashbacks for all the old-school crew while schooling the new heads on what the heart and soul of drum & bass is really all about. The real juice is in the ever-evolving atmospheres and intergalactic details that shapeshift and transform throughout. Jaybee is offering this one up for FREE so be sure to snag it while you can and if you’re really feeling his steez check his recently released “Studio Mix” for Mac 2 that has been stirring up love on both sides of the pond.