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NICKBEE – MIRACLES – Dissected Culture

Nick Bee – Miracles
Techno like muted arps and lush pads open the stage. A hip-hop beat comes in to join the fun while the tension builds towards the drop. The muted arp line carries into the breakdown and helps the percussion build quickly into the drop. The drop introduces a huge humming sub bass line that pounds away and only makes room momentarily for a hoover bass on the timing changes. The dark feel of the techno styled arps keeps the vibe in place as the bassline pounds away in the foreground. Tension is built and released through the hoover change ups while a crisp and percussive break keeps the tune moving forward. A nice steady dancefloor tune here that will get a solid response in any style set.

Nick Bee – Silent Majority
A sparse and splashy intro with timed cymbal crashes and timing reminiscent of an old clock sets the soundscape. Again, a heavy techno influence as arps are used to create the tension heading towards the buildup. The build up is quick and again uses elements of hip hop as the backbone. A kick builds up and helps the techno stabs on the tension and the release is massive. Once the drop hits the multitude of bass change ups and percussive change ups will make even the toughest critics happy. A steady hoover line and a group of eerie melodies fill the background as the bassline cuts right through the middle. Extremely creative editing and clean sound design have helped to craft a magnificent dancefloor killer here that will surely find its way into the darker sets.
Words by Bad Martian









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