NickBee – Mental Transition/Survival Instinct – AXON Records


Axon Records return with another instalment of premium dark drum & bass from label founder NickBee.

First up we have Survival Instinct. Opening with a pensive soundscape accented with modulated, chopped vocals, it seamlessly evolves into a smooth, techy roller. Laid against a bed of warm moving low-end, NickBee’s signature drum sound drives the track forward, towards an effortless conclusion.

On the flip-side we have a piece of music entitled Mental Transition. As it begins, we are provided an arrangement of pads and melodic elements that swirl around the head, reaching deep into the mind. As it drops, bouncy melodic rhythms and crisp, snapping percussions take you on a journey through the subconscious.

Once again, Axon bridge the contacts across the cells of the drum & bass brain.The collective is learning. Connect, Create, Evolve.

You hear his name everywhere – whether in hushed tones in dark corners of the web, or on the lips of the biggest producers in DNB – the prodigy known as NICKBEE, who’s natural talents and standout productions have made him one of electronic music’s best kept secrets.

Inspired by the likes of The Prodigy, Noisia, Bad Company UK, and Black Sun Empire, NickBee (real name Nick —–) started producing drum & bass at age 15. One year later he began learning to mix. Within 3 months, he was debuting his skills in clubs. Flash forward five years and countless hours sitting at his PC, NickBee is a rising star in the European drum and bass scene. As a young producer, Nickbee has collaborated with the likes of Enei and Billain, while releasing music on highly respected labels like Horizons Music, Close 2 Death, Dispatch,  TAMRECORDSBad Taste and Noisia’s Invisible imprint, to boot.

With one foot set in the future and another amongst neurofunk DNB’s architects, Nick’s trademark sound is not easily classified. Morphing, animalistic basslines project through sonic space in perfectly organized chaos, with structure provided by painfully sharp drums. Never conforming to any set mold, Nickbee’s allegiance to innovation makes a quirky, experimental element a defining factor of his music. Perhaps most impressive is the young artist’s mastery of next-level sound design, which is never forced or overdone; only tastefully applied in careful amounts, always striking that perfect balance of hi-tech and low-fi…a skill reserved only for experts. As this producer continues to defy formula and rewrite DNB’s blueprint, it becomes clear that only one word can adequately describe this future sound of drum & bass.