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NICKBEE – The Gears EP – Eatbrain


EATBRAIN presents rapidly rising Ukrainian producer NICKBEE with his GEARS EP, also featuring the eerie and alluring vocals of JOANNA SYZE. With these 4 delicately balanced and keenly crafted slices of neurofunk, Nickbee displays a refined sense of structure and minimalism, whilst delivering a powerful vibe for the dance. Half of the EP drips with dystopian spirit, bristling with razor sharp edges softened in “Nowhere To Run” and “We Fight” by Syze’s ethereal and alien voice. The Gears EP retains a sense of tight urgency and patient precision throughout, with “Gears” tilted syncopation providing a light-footed and paranoid pace, while “Together With Future” delivers a hulking stepper that packs a weighty punch.


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