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New L.A. Artist Consouls – Preamble EP review.

Stateside DnB has gone through many changes and generations since it first showed its face in the 90s. Now in the 21st Century we have producers who have studied the masters and come back with their own sound. Unlike their predecessors production duo CONSOULS, hailing from the Los Angeles California scene, known for seminal nights like (RESPECT, KONKRETE JUNGLE L.A., UPGRADE, ACCELERATED, and so many other hugely influential nights), have studied the dance floors, pending countless hours in the studio, and building their sound, Now they bring us the PREAMBLE EP. It is solid from start to finish, with something for almost every listener.  Patrol The Skies Music did the right thing picking this bunch of tunes from the already staggering output the Consouls boys are putting out to the public.


“Dreamer” features Daniel Hunter Jones on vocals. Opening with Side chained synths, Huge uplifting chords and the focused honest vocal from Daniel Jones. Dreamer drops into a wall shaking sub, and hard hitting drums. Stutter stops, and drum work fill in the body of the tune to great effect. Definitely perfect for the hands in the air crew!


“Lucid” is more musical while maintaining that dance floor edge that the Consouls crew are known for. An airy melody floats on top of a solid sub line. The main bass tears at your rib cage while beckoning the dance floor to step to the precise drum work.


“Night Terror” opens with tight drums punching through synths, a quick intro drops into a huge Reese stab, modulated with a matching sub, a low Pass filter sweep sets off the build, then MAYHEM! The tune explodes with modulated neuro bass, reverse effects, a sweet as fuck snare change up and major mixing possibilities for the djs. This one will ride under any tune you want to mix it with, while standing alone as a great closer!


Finally “Psychosis” featuring Staple LA MC J-TEC, has a darker moody vibe at the onset. Moving to filtered drums, and synths that build to a massive drop of festival proportions. Quick edits and drum work keep the ear and dance floor pippin’ while risers lift the energy to a fever pitch. Everything drops out to an electro influenced Techno breakdown. Half time drums with J-Tec’s vocal give the dance floor a much needed break before the Tune grabs you by the brain and takes you back to an intense dance floor workout! This will be a staple in my sets for a long time to come!

Grab the Preamble EP if you like here

– Dj ODI


For More Information on Consouls:

For More Information on Patrol The Skies Music


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