Nemesis: The 10 Year Anniversary Interview


The DNB Vaults sits down with Silver to talk about the 10 year anniversary of his label, Nemesis Recordings. We dig into how and why it began, where it’s going and even get the exclusive listen to the 10 Years of Nemesis mix by The Burner Brothers.

Can you please tell us about the label?
How it started – It Started when I was living in L.A I wanted to start a label for more output for my own productions but then I ended up putting out loads of other people’s music instead LOL! The rest is history as they say.

What is your background?
Well, I started making music around 1995 old hardcore jungle stuff, then in 1998 I meet up with Jasper and we created Sonic & Silver, Accidental Heroes! We had tracks on loads of Majors like Virus, Metalheadz, Hardware, Hospital and many more. I’m in a group called North Base if you did not already know that is doing extremely well right now with releases on Hospital, Viper, Nemesis plus many more.

What are your goals/ambitions for the label?
Take it to the next level really! Would love to get more established artists on the label maybe some more remixes! Who know where the next 10 years will go I just want the label to grow stronger and stronger!

Are you going after a particular sound?
At Nemesis, I try and pick tracks that work for the label! If its mellow Hard Tech Jump Up, it all has to have a vibe at the end of the day which is the main thing!

Who are some of your influences?
I have loads of influences within in music and out of it! Every day is a big influence really! Hard for me to say who influences my music as I would like to think it’s my own creations!

Please tell us about your first release and how your label changed/matured since then?
Our first release was from Xample aka one-half of LOADSTAR Gaz who at the time was running North West D&B. A website for drum and bass in the Manchester area! Back then we were pressing vinyl only! In 2009 is when I went fully digital! It’s such a shame really as the scene now is so much more disposable than it was then!

In a heavily saturated and competitive market, why start a label?
Well, I started it back in 2005 when there were not many people starting labels! I don’t really care about the competition, I just try and concentrate on the job at task and that’s getting music out to the masses! Yes, it is hard so we have to try even harder! That how I see it really!

What is the response/feedback like? Who have you gotten support from?
We get support from the whole music scene! BBC Radio 1 plays via Mistajam, Friction, Annie Nightingale spins our music, to Top club Dj’s like Andy C, Randal, Pendulum, Subfocus, Rene La Vice, Kasra Dj Marky So many artists new and old supporting our label, the list is endless! We have been here 10 years now 🙂

Please tell us about your current and or upcoming release?
Out right now is DETAIL single which is a hard tech-stepper and destroys dance floors, Our next release is the big one 10 YEARS OF NEMESIS RECORDINGS featuring loads of great artists such as Signs, The Invaderz, North Base, Dub Phizix, Sonic, Chimpo, NC-17, Kitcha, The Force, Origin, plus many more! Looking at a release date around 18th December so keep an eye on our website for more details! We are very excited about this here at the Nemesis HQ!

The Burner Brothers Podcast

Check out our latest podcast courtesy of New York’s finest DnB duo The Burner Brothers featuring tracks from our 10 Years of NEMESIS RECORDINGS LP and many more!!!!:

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