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Hailing from the North American city of Toronto comes one of Canada’s hardest working producers in the game, NC-17. From playing back rooms at the Reverb to playing on the World of Drum and Bass tour, Peter Aldan has put his love and passion for the music to the test and has risen up as one of the most sought after drum and bass artists on the planet. Releases on top labels like Viper, Renegade Hardware, Playaz and his own imprint Grindhou5e has carved the NC-17 name in the minds and hearts of fans from all over. We recently caught up with the man behind the tunes and get down to what makes him tick.

What got you into the drum and bass culture and how did you get into producing?
I discovered Drum and Bass around the mid 90’s. I fell in love with the culture right away. I think the main reason why I was drawn to the genre was it’s blend of raw break beats, underground feel and avant garde style. Like most producers I started DJ’ing in the beginning. It really wasn’t until university where I was studying film where I started to experiment with engineering and producing. When I was finished my classes for the day, I would sneak into the audio engineering classes and learn the basics of making music. My actually first break was when I linked up with Corrupt Souls back in 2005. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and working on a couple of tunes. He really showed me a lot. We were able to to release a couple of tunes and from there the rest was history.

Where did you come up with the idea for the artists name NC-17?
Since I am a big fan of cinema I really wanted my artist name to reflect on my other passion. I came up with the name NC-17 cause one of my favorite films of all time was New York directors masterpiece Bad Lieutenant starring Harvey Kietel. At the time it was one of the first films to be rated NC-17. There was a time in Hollywood when some of the best art films were given this certification. So to celebrate, that time I payed homage by going with the name NC-17.

What is your studio set up like and what’s your preferred DAW?
Originally I started with Cubase and then went over to Abelton. Now though I’ve moved on to Reaper. It started off as a one off thing but started to get very comfortable with the program. To me it was a cross between Abelton and Cubase. As for gear im mainly in the box. I used to have loads of gear but over time I’ve been able to get the sound that I like straight out my computer.

Do you have a particular thing you do to get some headway on a tune when you get stuck or unmotivated?
Motivation and inspiration for me comes pretty easy actually. I think partly is because I use other forms of art to get inspired. Mainly cinema. If i stuck some times I’ll watch a few films or even listen to some film scores and before you know it my creative juices come back. I’ve always had a very good worth ethic and am always busy. I usually do about a track a week to every two weeks.

You just put out a release on Renegade Hardware on the ‘Not Your Idol EP’, is this the first Hardware release for you?
I just released a new track on Hardware called Jet Lagged. This was actually my second release on Hardware in 2009 I released a track with them called Attitude Era. Which at the time really helped get me on the map. Luckily I have another forthcoming track on Hardware with a collaboration I did with my good mate Quadrant called Living a Lie. This third entry into the Renegade Hardware may be my favorite yet. Look out for that one.

You also have one forthcoming on Playaz. Can you tell us more about this one?
I a have forthcoming NC-17 & Voss EP on Playaz. This EP is probably the best work I have ever been a part of. Both Dominic and I put everything we have creatively in this project. We literally didn’t work on anything else for 6 months other than this EP. It’s a 6 track EP which has some thing for everyone. It’s a big honor to release with Hype and Pascal. After this EP this will be my 10th release on Playaz. Very proud of that because I consider them the premier label in Drum and Bass.

Your imprint, Grindhou5e Audio, just put out a new release by Voltage. Can you talk more about this and do you have anything else slatted on the label?
Yes, I just put out a 4 track colored wax EP by Voltage. Grindhou5e is a label that covers the darker more rolling style of drum and bass. As for releases I have another various artists EP forthcoming this fall and single by me coming out later next year. Grindhou5e as a label does move a bit slow as for releases but thats mainly because I am super picky.

What other projects do you have coming out in the next months?
Loads of new stuff coming! I have forthcoming stuff on Playaz, Renegade Hardware, Dispatch, Mainframe, P51, Formation, Nemesis, Grindhou5e and some other’s that I will announce early next year.

You were featured on this past World of Drum and Bass tour, is this the first time being on the tour and will we see more of NC-17 on it next year?
I’ve worked with the World of Drum and Bass both for releases and gigs. Always a pleasure working with SS on shows.

Do you have any other plans to tour this year and if so where?
As for tours, I usually have about one or two a year but most of my shows abroad tend to be weekend shows Fridays and Saturdays. Which to be honest is the way I like it. As much as I love touring and feel blessed that I get to play abroad. Tours can be very taxing and hard on the body especially ones which are back 2 back shows for like 2 weeks in a row. The weekend shows give you a little taste but your back home on a Sunday and get to sleep in your own bed.

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Just wanna say thanks to all my supporters and keep a look out on some new NC-17 material.

Also be sure to download the free tune by NC-17 courtesy of the DNB Vault!

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