Street Trends EP / Ammo Box Vol 1 – Natty Dub Recordings

Natty Dub Recordings

We take a listen to some new releases from Cabin Fever UK’s label Natty Dub Recordings with K Jah’s Street Trends EP and Ammo Box volume 1 featuring T.I, Jinx, Bassface Sascha and more.

K Jah, who’s been recently seen on labels like Ruffneck Ting, delivers a heavy hitting EP for the mighty Natty Dub Recordings. His five, fun-fueled tunes all showcase some deep and grimy, jumpy basslines guaranteed to make the dancefloors move and shake. ‘Shine Like Gemz’ is one of the standout tracks on this one as it delivers an extra punch that even had me grooving in my seat. Grab these killer party vibes as they’re out and available worldwide on December 7th.

Dropping on December 20th is the first in this new artist compilation by Natty Dub Recordings which features some mighty tunes by T>I, Cabin Fever, Jinx, BassFace Sascha and many more! This EP delivers in every aspect as each tightly produced tune compliments the next on the release. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, Cabin Fever & Jaxx’s tune Numbered seems to pop and shine through the rest in this collection of absolute bangers. Pick this one up if you like seeing dancefloors go into a frenzy.

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