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Mizeyesis is co-Founder of Threshold Sound, co-Founder of HEADY, and hosts a top notch bi-weekly show “The Aural Report” on Jungletrain.net, an international internet-based radio station based out of The Netherlands. She also is a recording artist and producer for Hexagon Digital UK & Faction Digital Recordings; US Manager for DNB Girls, a 16 member all female collective of artists, DJ, and MC’s; and is also a part of MIA DNB, Elemental Compounds, Awake Productions, DNBC, Monstamind, EC Army and other prestigious groups and organizations dedicated to spreading the love & awareness of Electronic Dance Music in the Northeast. If you haven’t heard the name by now then you need to start to pay attention as she is one of the elite movers and shakers in the US drum and bass scene.

We recently caught up with Mizeyesis and asked her the tough question, “What are your Top 5 essential things to bring with you while on the road?”

USB Stick(s)
You NEVER know what can happen. This I’ve learned especially as one who enjoys spinning vinyl in a digital age. Sometimes tables won’t read Serato or Traktor. And if you are in a venue with not the best floor set up, it can be challenging to play vinyl, or even timecode vinyl… trust me on this, lol. I know this all too well. Rekorbox is awesome, and CDJ’s are an equally as awesome djing tool. And hey, even if CDJ’s are not compatible or there, using another set up (or controller if you like those) isn’t a bad thing either… A DJ that can play on anything, anywhere, is an asset.

Extra Headphone Jack
These are sacred items of the DJ world, and when one gets lost, sometimes another DJ’s 1/8 headphone jack can not fit with yours (think screw on and non-screw on’s)… Put this securely in your bag and leave it there. You’ll be thankful you did.

All of your own wires
Double check or how many extra times you need to and make sure you have every single wire with you. Even if you need to buy doubles and leave in your DJ bag, do it. It will save you a hassle if you forget or have something lost.

I have a pair of DUBS I got from Best Buy that are great. I plan on investing in custom ear plugs soon. Save your ears, Tinnitus and other conditions are a real threat to those of us involved with sound and audio. At CVS or Walgreens there’s a type of clear polymer which you can mold into the shape of your ear… In general, all earplugs you should do this with before placing in your ear to offer maximum protection.

SCT – Snacks, Clothing & Toiletries
Self-explanatory but, especially an extra pair of socks and a toothbrush.

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