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MISSIN – Directions EP – Delta9 Recordings

Cities like Bergamo and Berlin are well known for their part in building the foundations of Europe’s creative scene, priding themselves on the drum & bass explosion which took homage throughout its renowned dance music spaces. And they have a great understanding of what records command these dancefloors. After promoting drum & bass events for over a decade, Delta9 Recordings was a logical progression from their events imprint, centralising their sounds on the darker, more minimalistic styles which pay homage to the label’s roots. With Delta9 Recordings having its foundations in both cities, they encompass this ethos throughout their new EP from MISSIN, who delivers five brand new tracks that open a door to the mysterious new addition to their roster.

From the depths of Serbia, Djordje Jeremic has homed in on his deep, nominal sonics for this next EP on Delta9 Recordings. ‘Directions’ takes you through the motions which have made MISSIN such an imperative name amongst the underground main players, with his judiciously created sequences becoming staples across their sets. ‘Give Me a Feeling’ features foreboding stabs of bass which lead directly into manically fluctuating drum patterns. If this is the first time you’ve been introduced to MISSIN’s craft, it’ll be a baptism into fire, but one signposted by diligently manufactured music. Title-track ‘Directions’ is just as hectic, yet it’s orchestrated in its chaos, with each fluctuating design of beats taking you into the next. ‘People Do Things’ is a mid-tempo stomper, pulling you through each lumbering drop with the upmost precision. Then ‘Hold On’ is more sweeping in its undercurrent, delivering shifting blows as you’re taken along for a more subdued ride. The metallic brays of ‘Endlessly’ shifts through its gears between scuttling percussive and distorted synthesis, taking you bit by bit into MISSIN’s ever changing soundscape. From beginning to end, each track leaves you captivated, proving MISSIN’s artistry.

It’s another EP which is set to reaffirm why MISSIN is becoming a name that’s synonymous with high quality, yet brooding noise. He’s become a high-ranking member in both the roster of Delta9 Recordings, and more further afield within the Meth Lab hub – but his popularity is still continuing to grow.

Hailing from the city of Nis in Serbia, Djordje Jeremic is a producer who has a soft spot for deep dynamic minimal sounds. Producing Drum & Bass under the name ‘Missin‘  is turning the heads and ears of bedroom producers, everyday fans of the genre to even professional DJs and prominent people within the Drum & Bass sphere.








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