Mean Teeth – Bring Back The Funk LP – Part 1 – C4C Recordings


The complex brutalism which Baltics drum & bass pair Mean Teeth has exposed within their production ensured they stayed ahead of the curve when it came to fresh sounds and contemporary standards. Mean Teeth have often stood for the darker side of dance music, where their memorable records have found homes within the discographies of many diligently sighted imprints who have made way for their undeniable aptitude as artists. Whether it’s releases on labels such as Red Light or Bad Taste, their noise has reached the ears of a global market.

The news of a forthcoming LP will not only pique the interests of an already extensive listenership, but it’ll also turn heads throughout club spaces, when little by little their music will begin to infiltrate DJ sets throughout its corners. The album will drop on essential label Cause4Concern, one which has prided itself in setting trends and remaining on the forefront since its inception, nearly two decades before Mean Teeth drop their biggest body of work to date. Unrestrained and a vital part of any drum & bass collection, the first part of their ‘Bring Back the Funk’ LP pays homage to the soul which they strive to push into every one of their slicing outputs.

Old-school reminiscent offerings such as ‘Halo’ run through with a hook that grabs hold beneath its swaying bass pads and cracking kick drums, drawing you further into the mix as it gradually begins morphing into a monstrous anthem. ‘Slipdub’ growls with its hollowed-percussion, as bit by bit you’re lulled by its creeping atmosphere, before you’re made instantly aware of why ‘Bring Back the Funk’ is so aptly named. ‘Facesplitta’ is a destructive slice of dancefloor chaos, which descends from its first robotic slab of sample. Mean Teeth add collaborator Insect into the mix for ‘Mudrub’, which punches through to its core with heavy sub basses and snapping hi hats overlaying its weighty progressions. Mean Teeth certainly allude to the high-arching designs you’re about to be introduced to by ‘Bring Back the Funk’. They’re here to take over and their upcoming album is about to begin this invasion.

Drum and bass duo Mean Teeth, hailing from Estonia and Lithuania. Focus  on creating dark, diverse and memorable tracks, with an emphasis on funk. And they bring just that to the table with this paige release on C4C.