MC Dyer Spotlight.


LA’s Pete Gutenberg sat down with the one and only MC Dyer to have  chat and find out what she has been up to.

PG: How ya feelin?

DM: Well I just got home from work. Usually at this time I’m feeling quite good because it’s my lil free time as a mom. Ya know?

PG: Yeah

DM: So I’m good. And I’m pretty happy. A lot of good things personally are happening for me at the moment. And it’s the holidays.

PG: What kind of good things are you feeling right now?

DM: Wow I feel super creative. I’ve had three songs given to me in the space of three weeks. For me, I don’t know how other vocalists are. Every song is like a challenge. You know when you get a word search or word puzzle or something? I’m not good if I’m not creating. So I feel super motivated and inspired at the moment. I have those things to work with.

PG: What projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

DM: My main thing at this time is the indie thing that I’m doing with the person called Twist who has been making Electro ragga for me. We’re three tracks in. First track called Brethren which is complete then second called Badgirl. And two that we haven’t named yet but we’re working on. And I have A Suggestion with Dino. I call it A Suggestion because we’re still trying to look for the right instrumentals but I have some I’m looking at. In my own time I’m trying to create something that Fugitive Sound can offer. so you know going back to the old school views of an MC of our kind trying to get with a sound system so you can make mixes and you know have things to give out. This in particular will be like a two-track probably give away. So those are the three things that are exciting me at this time. There’s another one coming up with Woes, Myka 9 and R.A.W. but I can’t really say much about that.

PG: What do you love most about living in Los Angeles at this time?

DM: Oh my God. Ya know before I came here, I felt almost as though in my own world or my own country that I was eccentric stood out and didn’t fit as much as a female but coming to America just as a whole has been awesome because all the different many levels of characters and personalities here. I’m able to just do me and that was great until I discovered California where it’s like completely different to the rest, to the other side. there’s a lot more to do here creatively you know. I felt good about it and you know there’s some other things about this place that aren’t so good which motivate me to do creative message music and I want to do more videos to highlight topics the people might not be happy with here.

PG: What kind of topics?

DM: Oh things with your society’s huge which is always a thing to work in music. You can talk about how people are developing ya know amongst each other. Homelessness is a big thing for me for example. Like there’s a lot of things going on here that I feel like give it a great canvas to dissect and work. And ya feel like trying to do music with a message and videos and stuff like that. It’s not setup right. Racially there’s a lot of things here challenging me every day. So ya know that’s never a shortage of a topic.

PG: what do you think makes you different from other jungle MCs?

DM: I’ve spent a long time asking myself this question… I’ve developed into this personality through out all my experiences. Such a small representation of females for such a long time moulded me into this energy… I feel as though my passion for this is deeply embedded. I am the peoples MC. When i am on the MIC … I am one with the floor. And then the DJ. When i make a sound. I am delivering a message or expressing a feel. I stand for something

PG: For sure. Who did you draw inspiration from first in jungle music?

DM: You don’t know?! Everybody knows this. First of all I was mostly into Brockie and Det. Straight up. To tell you the truth, Brockie and Det. For some reason my brother used to listen to Kool FM and ya know go out, all the brothas do that, so he used to leave it on and I would go in his room and listen to it. And I got into it wanting to be on a pirate radio station. That is how it first started. So at 17 I wanted to know – “shoot, what is this? how are they doing this?” So I got into the pirate radio station, That’s what started it. That’s the truth. And it was Rinse FM actually. That’s where I come from.

PG: What songs are you most proud to have worked on?

DM: Actually I love this song I did with Liondub which is called Blessed which is unreleased. I think we had Marcus Intalex work on the engineering side of it and Liondub made it back in the day maybe like 8 years ago. And it’s been my most favorite jungle song because it’s called Blessed and it’s about being blessed. It’s not about jungle lyrics really it’s about being blessed. I’ve done it with a vocalist, a good friend of mine so I’m very proud of that song.

PG: Which stateside MC has been most influential to you?

DM: One person who I’ve held on to dearly I met over at Konkrete Jungle NYC was T.R.A.C. MC. We’re still very close friends and talk all the time. A lot of things that happen I report back to him and get his guidance. Definitely ya know he’s blown up. He’s actually signed with V Recordings right now.

PG: Which styles of drum and bass do you find the most fun to MC over?

DM: I like jungle soulful stuff that has a good intro that is groovy. Maybe funk ya know. When they started to do the bass rush kind of freestyler sound things got more mechanical. Ya know I like that too though. I like jump up. Everybody knows that. Oh my god I get off to jump up!! It’s almost like I channel a different entity when I get that shit on. I just go on in all sorts of directions. And obviously I love liquid jungle.


PG: Who are you 5 favorite female MCs in the U.S.?

DM: Audio Angel, Scenery, Medusa, Mesha Nice & Soul Flower

PG: Who are you 5 favorite Jungle/DNB DJ/Producers in LA?

DM: Infiltrata, R.A.W., CRS?, Liondub & Jackie Murda

PG: And how was your Respect debut  with CRS? and RAW?

DM: Wow! We put in work! The wonderful thig about the study is all those beams and books. It sounded awesome last night. I haven’t played with CRS? In a while. Was like a concert lol. I’m much learned about RAW. I don’t think we’ve ever failed a set together. This night was historic for sure. Mucho dance moves !!

PG: What’s your favorite restaurant in LA?

DM: Omg. Okay so I can’t answer that easily… Park’s Finest Barbeque. Wat Dong Moon Luck Wek (Thai fusion noodle house) Khuna Tikki (Polynesian). I really really love eating out!

PG: Finally, who would you like to give shout outs to?

DM: My son. You. Al Seen & DNB Vault. I would like to shout out every single female artist creator in this whole bass universe. And then I’d like to go shout out JBW and Rocksteady. Solomon, Noir & Jae Drago. We have that spot Rocksteady at Tokyo Beat which is basically the promo of anyhitng that was jungle culture it seems all in that little room right now. Shouts to Knowledge & Wisdom, Terry T, Fugitive Sound, Jahwy, Joshua, Zelduh, Jah Mikey. Shout out Ghetto Life.

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