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MC Coppa

He has one of the most recognizable voices in the industry with notable releases with Playaz, Viper and Prolix. Now MC Coppa is set to release another smasher, this time on his own Comanche Records imprint. We caught up with him recently to talk about this upcoming release.

You’re most notably recognized for your vocals on tunes with labels like Playaz and Viper, but do you some production work as well as the vocals?
For quite a few of the tracks on the LP I composed some of the basic musical chords and wrote some of the singer hooklines, because thats what I´m good at, words with music. I leave the rest to people that know what they are doing when it comes to the technical aspect of production. Also just to clear something up, I do write all my own lyrics. In my case, it has to come direct from the source to the listener for me to spit it in the studio. So when I get in the booth I don’t suddenly change into a “character”, it’s pretty the same person as I am off the mic. Those people that have met me and know me well can vouch for this haha – its amazing how many people actually ask me that.

One of your first releases was an electronic funk album called ‘Indestructible Asian Beats 2’ how did you come to do this project and how did you get from there to doing drum & bass?
I’ve always been interested in DNB. I think my 1st DNB release was on vinyl in 2003/4 called “Mind Elevation” with my good friend DJ Physics from Finland on his label “Midnight Sun Recordings”. I had one line “Mind Elevation boosting thought process for real!”. I was so proud of that release. Though, my first love was hip-hop and ragga. What your referring to is a little side hustle I used do for a bit. When Bhangra & Urban music fusion really kicked off in the UK years ago I was working with some of the main players in that movement, not many people know about that…daaamn your research game is STRONG haha.

You have a new album dropping very soon with the LP sampler in stores as early as next week. Can you tell us a bit more about this project?
The title of the project is called an “An Act of Aggression”. The inspiration for this was to put on a record on my own label that I was done totally in the way that I wanted from the start. Something without the restrictions of a particular label format. There will definitely be something for almost everyone on it. I tried to make sure it reflects the kinda Drum & Bass music I like and I hope that other people enjoy it as well. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime. A lot of my friends, both personal and work, have been on at me to do one. Having enough material was never the issue though, it was more about having the time to put it together as I’m always busy on other people’s projects or on the road. It was nice to take some time out and put on my own show this time. Its been quite a long process of putting this record together and a lot of hard work coordinating with over 13 producers going back and forth for about 12 months, so I´m really looking forward to get the show on road.

The tune ‘6 AM’ is a very deceiving name. I was expecting a very light song but this one is quite the opposite. How did you come up with this name?
Well 6 AM basically came about inspired by some of my own personal experiences. It’s easy to get lost in a time-warp in a club or party between midnight and 6am. Time flies when your having fun and busy raving. Thats where the line “Look at your watch it’s 6AM” came from as it happens to me all the time. Like, ‘damn ok its 6!’. So its inspired by those people, me famously being one of them, that are still in place or on the ball at 6AM. In a lot of places, 6 o’clock is the new 1am. If you’re still there at that time, then you’ve achieved hardcore level status 11! You have my ultimate respect!

On ‘Emergency’ you worked with Current Value. Is this the first time you’ve worked together? Will there be more from the two of you?
Well Machine Code is actually a 2 guy project, Dean Rodell & Current Value combined in some sonic mayhem. I’ve known the guys for quite some time. Our first collaborations begun from an LP album called “Silent Siren” which we started around 2007 as a studio group project called Underhill which is Me, Dean, Tim (Current Value), Cooh and a singer called Martina. So we’ve kind of been linked for a while and I’ve touch down on more than a few Machine Code EP’s & LPs over the years. I love working the with those guys. My latest track for them is called “Urban Drum” on their last LP “Samurai”. You should check it out.

An Act Of Aggression LP

When can we expect the full LP to drop?
I will be middle to the end of April when the full LP drops. We’ve had a couple of late arrivals that have really added an extra dimension and flavor to the LP so I had to include those in to finish off the package nicely.

Can you tell us a bit about your ‘Act Of Aggression’ live showcase?
Will be promoting the LP with a special ‘Act Of Aggression’ live showcase set w/ Jae Overtech featuring new material from the LP. I will also be a lot of new and un-released and “classic” collab material with artists such as Teddy Killerz, Prolix, Maztek, Mindscape, Telekinesis, Hallucinator, Barely Alive, Mob Tactics, Dj Hidden, Callide & Instraspekt, Forbidden Society Mediks, Tantrum Desire & more.. We are presenting this show as Coppa World Live, so basically its gonna be the place where you can hear a lot of new stuff and live PA versions of tracks that you wont here online or anywhere else for a couple of months. We’re definitely gonna keep it packed full of exclusives for the people that come to the shows.

Coppa, thank you for stopping by and speaking with us today. Much respect to you. Care to share some last words?
Yep definitely. I would like to say; I hope everyone enjoys the record when it drops. I feel pretty blessed to be in position to be able to give people a full product of my own. It’s a great time for DNB music and the scene as there are a lot of great artists putting out LPs and amazing records. I’m just happy to be a part of it and to continue my contribution to scene that has been a big part of my music & personal life for many years. Long live the music, the people who make it happen and the people who inspire us, the artists & promoters, to keep you all smiling, raving. dancing & entertained through your nights and days. Salute!

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