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Maztek – 4 THE R4V3R5 – 0101 Music

Following the fiery success of his ‘Warpath’ LP, an immense package of tracks that identified how Maztek was still a mainstay producer within the darker soundscapes of drum & bass, Maztek is about to return. The album broke the news of his 0101 Records label, a base for Maztek and one which hasn’t just showcased his own sonic artillery. It’s also brought in a trove of producers who’ve all shown their flair for electronic music, although only the darker kind which has infiltrated many playlists throughout the European continent, as well as further afield across the Atlantic. And one primary reason for this is how powerful his music has proven to be when flung through stacked speakers, infiltrating even the most niche spaces to cause the upmost chaos on dancefloors. 

This next release is Maztek’s first EP for 2019, not only following ‘Warpath’ but also his ‘Uncoded’ release in the latter half of last year. ‘4 the Ravers’ represents Maztek’s background as a DJ, something which he’s just as notorious for as his music, with the producer having travelled extensively with sound systems before he began working within more formal venue settings. Consisting of seven brand new cuts, ‘4 the Ravers’ journeys through an array of styles and delivers you at the helm of his production. From the clapping drums of ‘Wrecktified’, through to the half-time levels of ‘Ghost Track’, Maztek flaunts his versatile style. ‘Ultrafunkular’ lends itself to its name through deliberately placed grooves, whilst lyrical MC Coppa adds his gruff-vocals to ‘Real Mobs’. Maztek’s ‘R4v3r5’ matches the same staunchly honed production as the remaining tracks, then ‘Dngrs’ follows suit in a similar vein, punching hard with every slamming segment. ‘Babylon’ comes through with a speed that tackles you unaware before you’re taken into each seismic build up alongside its dizzying forces. However, it’s not the cookie-cutter shape which some darker producers have a penchant for and it’s complex layering means you’re taken through each lumbering step as the record progresses. Maztek sets out the path of 0101 Records for this year and it’s one which has already had scorching results. 

He’s made himself heard already this year and with a release schedule stretching out into the summer, Maztek is about to capitalize on a rocketing launch.


Italian-born DnB artist Maztek represents the nano-fine edge of the Neurofunk scene. From humble beginnings playing in bands as a teenager, he fell under the spell of the mighty basslines that DnB is renowned for in the midst of both illegal raves in Rome and commercial events with acts like Fabio, Grooverider and Roni Size. Seeing the potential of the sound, he set to developing a unique futuristic aesthetic of his own – creating an audio realm under his Maztek moniker that has become highly influential throughout the world.

His first releases appeared through his own ‘Subculture’ imprint, getting him noticed and picked up by labels such as ‘Modulate’, ‘Icarus Audio’ and ‘Syndrome Audio’ – staples of the Neurofunk scene. But his graphic design roots and dystopian vision led to him being drawn to the Tech-focused visual and sonic aesthetics of Renegade Hardware, coupled with their considerable legacy. Following meeting the crew in London, his first ‘Galactica // Odyssey’ single came out on Renegade Hardware in 2012 – constituting a bold and refined step onto the label. This first step was followed up with the ‘Limber’ and ‘M Theory’ EPs in 2013, cementing his place on the label and firmly pushing Maztek’s name to the very forefront of the rave scenes awareness. His considered and weighty manifesto through his ‘ThreePointZero’ LP represented one of the last significant releases on Renegade Hardware before the label announced its closure – with Maztek left of one of the defining bookmarks at the end of the label’s epic history.

With his single ‘What We Bring // Caph’ on BTK’s well-respected ‘Dutty Audio’ label, his highly acclaimed ‘Unorthodox’ EP on legendary label C4C Recordings and his debut appearance on leading-label ‘Virus Recordings’ alongside Optiv & BTK through the ‘Dive Bomb’ EP; Maztek is forging his own path through the DnB scene – the future looks set for an exciting evolution. Alongside this, Maztek has collaborated with worldwide Hip-hop and Grime superstars Dope D.O.D. with the track ‘From The Shadows’ – the official video of which now has over 480,000 views and has been a staple of Dope D.O.D.’s 2015 world tour.
He has also collaborated with other UK grime Artists such as Virus Syndicate. Maztek is an artist gilding the world in a layer of sleek technology, a true modern pioneer of Drum and Bass.








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