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Mark Subsonik Guest Mix

We talk with Mark Subsonik about his upcoming projects with Muffler, Formation Records, as well as show off his exclusive mix for the DNB Vault.

You’re always hard at work on music, what do you have going on currently?
I have been concentrating in studio work making new tunes as well as mastering songs for a few friends when I have the spare time. I have a few cool things out now and forthcoming on various labels, which I’m excited about.

My remix of John B’s “Mercury Skies” was just released as a Free Download via the Beta Recordings Soundcloud.

There is a limited edition run of signed red vinyl of a remix Smooth and I did of “Red Skies feat. Shaz Sparks”, another John B smasher out now too. A good pick up for vinyl fans and collectors! Available at the Beta.

I am also Working on an EP with Muffler.

Can you tell us how you came to work with Muffler?
When I ran Subsonik Sound Recordings with Ben, I initially wanted Konsta on board to do a remix for us. What ended up happening was a collaboration remix of Drifta’s “Rearranged” along with an original flip of his with Cat Knight. That was our highest selling vinyl release ever.

You’ve done releases for DJ SS’ Formation Records before, anything new in the works?
Yes!! I have a new single coming out on Formation this summer (Part of 25 years of Formation) plus collaboration with the man himself, SS.

State of Mind are really making some fantastic tunes right now, you wrote a song with them for their “Nil By Ear LP” a few years back, what are the chances of you working with them again or doing something for SOM Music?
I’ve actually been working on a remix of a State Of Mind tune for SOM Music.

How did you get the opportunity to work with SOM back then and now remix one of their tunes? And can you tell the fans what song you are giving the remix treatment?
Funny enough, that was something that happened over a long period of time. I’ve been sending them tunes for what seems like forever, and they finally asked me to do something for their album “Nil By Ear”, we ended up doing a collaboration with Casey on vocals called “Somebody Stop Me” which Smooth ultimately remixed later.
Which tune I will be remixing and more details about that to be revealed soon.

Fair enough, seems like you have been keeping busy!
Yeah, I’ve also signed two amen driven tunes (Grinder” & “Feels) to Rockers 175 and those are coming out this month.

Rockers 175 is an American D&B label, with new drum & bass labels materializing in the states and doing well there seems to be a resurgence of drum and bass in this side of the world, how do you feel about what is going on in your home front?
I think it’s a great time to be involved with D&B in the USA right now. It seems it’s really evolving into what I always thought it could be, which is incredible. I remember when trying to get exposure was like pulling teeth, but now there’s so much support for the up and coming to established artist, it’s really an amazing thing.

Also, I think it’s great that we’re finally getting the respect from the UK crews. Labels like Formation USA, Hospital USA to name a couple is setting up shop here. Here’s to the future!

Speaking of American D&B, we remember your work with Ben Sage as Subsenix. Are you guys still making music together and if so is there anything in the works?
We’ve kind of never stopped, if I’m honest… We’ve been sending ideas back and forward for years now, it’s just that most tunes don’t see the light of day. We’re going to be fixing all that this year with a fresh new EP in the works together as Subsenix, along with Ben doing his own solo work. As a matter of fact he is here right now.

“Really looking forward to finishing up that Subsenix EP I also hope to get back to producing a few original Ben Sage tunes this year too. I’ve been experimenting with some different sound / style Drum and bass tracks. They still have my sound.

Marc is such a wizard at finishing tracks, it’s far more likely that you’ll see some Subsenix material in 2015 than my own individual stuff, but I won’t rule anything out.

I’d like to thank everyone who continues to support me, as I get tons of requests for new material, and still get asked to DJ. I appreciate the support. I don’t expect I will ever return to DJing, but I do continue to produce music – nothing I’ve felt is worth releasing for the past couple of years though.” – Ben Sage

Sounds like you are going back to the sound that made you a household name, is there anything else you would like to tell us about?
Subsonik: I’m working with 3pm on more projects including remixes for his band Wideband Network – As most know, Casey aka ‘3pm’ is one of my favorite vocalists, and appears in quite a few of my tracks.

There has been some chatter that you were planning to take a break from touring, is that still the case?
Yes, I really want to lay low on the touring this year, after wrapping up 3 consecutive years on the World of DNB Russia tour. Focusing on my own production seems to be where I’m at right now. Also getting ready for Dj SS to launch Formation Records USA this March! I’m very excited to be a part of such a great team.

Sounds like you deserve the break and welcome the opportunity to be able to concentrate on your craft! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Anyone you want to shout out?
I’d love to shout out a few people! There have been so many people through the years that have supported me in what I do, and have truly been the driving force behind me. I’m going to name names, but I may forget people here lol Ben Sage, DJ SS, Simon Bassline Smith, Gabor Simon (Jade) The State Of Mind boys, Whetu Kay (Phetsta), The Oklahoma dnb scene, star 7 diskotek, Ebm, Brendan Collins (Futurebound), Vegas (BC), Reid Speed & Alex Rosson, Wally Pish Posh, Al Seen, CT Burners, Timeless crew (LA) Jeremy Eichberg (Dip Vertigo) Terravita, Ryan Bell, Chris Rogers (Vertical), All my NC homies, Severe, Gyromite, Luka Smooth, John B, AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy, Everyday Junglist, The American Jungle crew, Phenetic Phreeman, Jeremy Ballard, My Miami crew, Stunna, John ‘Relik’ Green, Tommie Emmi and Shawn Patrick at Cymbalism and last but not least, my beautiful daughter Zoe!

Keep an eye out for the WODNB Tour this March, check our event section to see the tour at a city near you.

Mark Subsonik Exclusive Mix for The Vault!



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