Marcus Visionary’s Top 5 favourite places to visit in the world


We caught up with the world famous Bass heavyweight Marcus Visionary, to hear his top 5 favourite places to visit in he world and why?

For vacationing…
1) Kingston, Jamaica.
I’m a massive Reggae music lover so naturally Jamaica is my first choice when it comes to a vacation.

2) Havana, Cuba.
Cuba would be my second choice for it’s incredible outdoor music shows. I love Afro Cuban music.

3) Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona is a beautiful city with amazing food and beaches.

For DJ’ing…
4) Leeds, UK.
Leeds has been one of my favorite cities in England to play as I feel the crowds have a great understanding of the music. You can play exactly what you want to play and you can feel the energy from the crowds.

5) Bristol, UK.
Bristol is very similar as they love their soundsystem culture and I find I can go deeper than I would in other cities.

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