MachineCode, DR & Lockjaw – Double Gate EP – LOCKED CONCEPT


Australian imprint LOCKED CONCEPT take a step beyond imagination with their first release of 2017 arriving in the form of a strong collaborative EP between MACHINECODE, DR (half of MachineCode) and label boss LOCKJAW. Diversity and sonic exploration constitute a pair of the most essential pillars of the label’s concept, showcased through the label’s unusual and powerful releases to date as well as their eclectic podcast series.

The 3 tracks contained within this compact but brilliantly dynamic release peg out a stunning triad of audio; with the stripped and deadly form of MachineCode’s Double Gate comprising a weighty lynchpin for tomorrow’s raves, counterbalanced by a pair of more experimental tracks that drive a more listener-focused vibe.

MachineCode & Lockjaw’s previous collaborations such as Sonic Tower, Cry Me and Alpha Barrier delivered powerful results, setting the scene for the more colourful dystopia of their freshest collaboration – Array – which delivers a complex and driven audio journey with its bristling arpeggios.

Completing the EP is Lockjaw & DR’s post-pysch rock electronica vibed Phenotype bringing with it the urgency and storytelling of a film score for an abandoned future.

With their eighth release, Locked Concept take their furthest step to date, not only showcasing the diverse vision of the label, but also giving space to enable an artist to show another side of their

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