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Loxy Interview

The Chief of the 4 Horsemen and label boss of Cylon Recordings, Loxy, stops by the DNB Vault to discuss his upcoming release on Samurai Music and more.

For those that might not know, please introduce yourself?
I’m Loxy from the UK. I am a dj, producer and owner of Cylon Recordings and CX Digital.

What are your musical influences outside of drum & bass?
Everything music! I am not one of those who tries to rewrite their influences to try and sound cooler. I [grew up] listening to 80’s pop, reggae, dub, soul, and hip hop and still listen to everything from pop music to indie to reggae. I believe people with a ” I only listen to DnB” attitude is just stupid. It’s like starving yourself.

Do you integrated those influences into your music?
Yeh, pretty much what I’m into is def reflected through the music I make or play.

So you grew up listening to 80’s pop, reggae, dub, soul, and hip hop., how did you get into producing drum & bass?
I started producing in the early 90s, at Bizzy B studios with a college friend, a tune called Uncontrollable Desire. It was played by DJ Rap, DJ Trace and Bryan G. Those where the first 3 people I gave music to. The track actually got signed by Nico at the beginning of No U Turn records. Due to the fact that it needed new mix downs and not having access to the files it never came to pass. But a good relationship with the crew was formed.

You’ve been producing since the mid to late 90’s, aside from production techniques, how has your sound grown?
My sound still has the same elements it always had. The progression and development comes in the form of beats, rhythms and experimenting.now a days I’m not too keen in just sampling a breakbeat and just sequencing it. I prefer to try out different things and have things more stripped back. I need space to think so my music reflects that same principal.

Can you give us a run down on your studio setup?
My studio set up is simple; iMac, Maschine, TC-Helicon Voice Synth, Sp808 Roland, Roland Groovebox, Apogee Duet Sound Card and Behringer Truth Monitors.

Do you have a typical production routine?
I need to watch a movie. I [also] have a 2 year old so the way I work is pretty broken up.
But it works for me as my daughter comes first before all!

Do you have any gems of wisdom or tips to new producers?
Try and be original! Own who you are! That is key, too many people want to be others. Learn from any outlet of knowledge you have available and ask questions when in doubt!

You have a few collaborations with Resound & Overlook coming out in March on Samurai Music. Can you tell us a little bit about that project?
It’s not really a project. It’s just 3 friends rolling out beats. No deep plan. Just 3 like minded guys making some tunes to play out.


Aside from the Samurai Music release, do you have anything else in the works?
We have a group project. We called “The Levels”, which is a project with myself Resound and vocalist Alia Fresco, which obviously is a vocal venture that we are all super excited about. We are proud of the music we have found this far.. so watch this space!

[I] also did a project with dBridge Skeptical and Resound and Kid Drama under the name Module Eight. That should be coming out on Exit as an Album

Both sound amazing… We will definitely be waiting for those bits! Anyone that follow you on Facebook and Instagram know you are a HUGE comic fan. Who are your favorites?
Too many I love a lot of characters naturally, but my favs are Wolverine, Batman, Phoenix,Deadpool, Cable, Archangel,Blackbolt… I better stop otherwise we be here all day

That’s quite the list! Finally, since we are on the topics of comic… if Iron Man and Batman had a no holds barred fight… who would win and why?
Batman… Don’t under estimate him. He goes into any conflict knowing his opponents weakness so I’m sure he could unravel Stark [Iron Man]. He shuts down that suit and it’s over haha!

Speaking of over, we don’t want to over extend our welcome so thanks for taking the time to chat… Hope to catch up with you Stateside on your next tour!

For more information on Loxy
Loxy on Facebook
Cylon Recordings
CX Digital

Mike Ragga
Mike is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the DNB Vault who, notably, was a long time writer for the now defunct KMAG while covering music and events from Warp Tour, NOFX, Dirtyphonics and Benny Page.

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