Loadstar Interview


Gavin Harris and Nick Hill – better known as Bristol duo Loadstar fresh off tour talk to us about their adventures in drum and bass and why they they never thought they’d be playing their sounds in Ibiza.

How’s 2015 been for you both?
Really good, we had a quiet back end of 2014 in terms of releases as we wanted to concentrate on writing new music after taking a bit of a break following our album. Things have been working really well and since the new year and we’ve come up with a real strong batch of tunes that we can’t wait for people to hear. Watch out for our new single coming in August which will be followed up with another one before the year is out as we work towards another album for 2015.

We know you’ve just been on tour in Australia, does the drum and bass scene differ around the world?
Its surprising, it doesn’t differ that much to be honest. Generally the people who come out are very passionate about drum and bass whether the scene is quite young or really established. What we notice when we travel around is that drum and bass is continuing to grow, every year we are going to different places and its showing now signs of slowing up. Andy C recently got back from South Korea which shows the diversity of the music these days.

Do you produce while you are on tour or prefer to wait until you get back in a studio session?
We produce where ever and when ever we can. When we are on the move and touring we always have our laptops with us bashing out ideas so when we get in the studio we are never short of things to work on.

How does it feel to be part of the first ever RAM IBIZA event at this year’s Sunbeatz and what can we expect from Loadstar?
Yeah, we are really excited as we both have great memories of going to Ibiza on holiday when we were younger but this will be our first chance playing on the island. You can expect our usual high intensity club set consisting of plenty of new Loadstar material.

Did you ever think you would be playing DNB in Ibiza?
In a word, no! Historically Ibiza has always been a house music destination and whilst there has been drum and bass nights in the past they’ve never really taken off until now. Its great to see the island diversifying and thanks to Sunbeatz its great that there is a week dedicated to Drum and Bass music at the island’s biggest club.

What does it take to be a RAM artist?
Hard question to answer but I would say quality music, regardless of sub-genre within drum and bass. RAM has always prided itself on the quality of the music it puts out and over recent times the roster has become a lot more diverse from the likes of Audio making the darker, techier sound to Wilkinson making the chart smasher and everything in between.

Will you be checking out any of the other parties at Sunbeatz while you are there?
I wish would could be we are in one day out the next, like we mentioned above we want to spend every minute we can in the studio at the moment!

What else is coming up for you guys?
We are currently playing a selection of festivals and club shows over the summer with our new single dropping on RAM records in August.

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