Liondub Street Series vol. 40 – Cool Hand Flex – London Groove


Yet another proppa installment from the Liondub Street Series that has brought us one killer collection after another. This time volume 40 brings us the legendary Cool Hand Flex. I love this series. You love this series. We all love this series. This one does not disappoint living up to the reputation as they just keep raising the bar.

All fire. No filler. That is the shortest most direct review that I can give here. Every one is a gem.

‘Drop It’ comes right out of the gates with a great groove that gets things moving. ‘Sight and Sound’ takes you on a journey narrated by Rod Sterling and feels like an episode from The Twilight Zone. A journey that lands it on the recent Drum and Bass Arena collection for future historians to remember. ‘London Groove’ is exactly what it sounds like: late night club deep in the mix fog and lights dance floor vibes with a shadow behind the decks reading everyone’s mind and playing it back to them over a sound system that’s making your feet vibrate.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.

This is nothing new and frankly what we’ve come to expect from both the Liondub Street Series and Cool Hand Flex. Two great tastes that make even better flavas when you put them together. Not sure who’s up next in this series, but they have a tough act to follow here. I’m sure that they’ll manage though.

Zero bullshit here: every one of these tracks has made me pause and just go “gawd damn this is so good”. Just keeps coming at you. Get it. Play it. Groove with it.

There are some invisible shadow legends in the world of Drum and Bass that have been in the game since forever and you only really know if you know. Cool Hand Flex is definitely one of those cats.

An Original junglist. He played side by side with Randall back in the day. His work spans from the very beginnings of drum and bass in the early, early ’90s. He worked in the record shop ‘De Underground’ on Sebert Road in Forest Gate, East London which spawned the labels De Underground Records, Oddball Records, U No Dat, and Ruff Grooves, amongst others

Cool Hand Flex went on to Co-found MAC 2 Recordings with Randall and continues to curate one of the most progressive forward thinking labels in the industry. Teaming up here with Liondub to bring an top shelf shelf collection of dubs that are sure to stay rotation for quite some time to come.


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