Lifecycle – Creation – Blackout Music NL


Showcasing the ever renewing sound of drum & bass, combining established artists and new young talent, we present to you: Lifecycle.

‘Creation’ is the first in three parts, together forming Blackout‘s biggest project of 2020.
First up; Black Sun Empire & IMANU, Audio, Misanthrop remixing Gridlok and Current Value.

Audio – Marauder

Audio starts us off in a drone filled and epic soundstage using synths reminiscent of early sci fi films to build the tension.  A reece takes place of the synths and builds around the vocal leading to the drop with a furious pace. One the drop hits you get a heavy dose of the reece over some beefy drum work and killer changes ups with a well-matched bass stab pattern. The key changes on the reece and the constant drum changes keep the listener on their toes.  By the time the breakdown hits you feel like you’ve survived getting beat up by the speakers. Another epic break as Audio rebuilds the parts to the tune and builds the tension once again. The second drop has the reece replaced by some squeaky and distorted stabs that give an industrial feel to the tune. This is a dancefloor tune by all definitions, and you will be hearing a lot of this one, no doubt about it.

Black Sun Empire & IMANU – Parallels

Lush pads coupled with an arpeggiator fill your ear drums and put you at ease while also building tension ever so slightly. The spaced out, almost trippy soundscape only lasts for a few moments and you quickly get a build into a monster of a switch drop. The lush vibe disappears completely, and the tune gets to stomping away with vigor. After beating down the listener into submission some of the pad work is reintroduced and the distorted bass takes the back seat for a moment, creating a re-entry into the breakdown, as if the tune has been reset.  With this new build, the arpeggiator takes more of the lead and keeps a very uplifting melody as a dark and moody reece plays in the background. Again the listener is slapped in the face with the switch up and you can’t help but nod your head furiously. Love the vibe switch on this and the reintegration back into the tune after a few bars. An absolute banger with a soft side.

Gridlok – Germ (Misanthrop remix)

Simple distorted stabs create a catchy and vibrant pattern over an easy to mix high hat as we the intro unfolds into a fury of building synths.  With the energy peaking the stab takes a last bow and the drop hits. A furious and steady beat rolls out with huge basslines slapping the bins around and timing changes that introduce both bass and drum changes. Sound design on this one is amazing; everything is tearing and huge sounding but also in its on place relative to the overall mix. You get some interesting bass manipulations on the timing changes and it keeps the listener wanting more. When the breakdown comes around you get a dark and broody melody with the stabs from the intro and quickly you are building towards the drop once again. This tune does not disappoint on any front. A true testament to the abilities of both the original artist and the remixer. Can’t wait to hear this one on a big system.

Current Value – Overturn

A heavily processed and worldly sounding string gives the listener a melody that is easy on the ears and quickly takes the listener to a thought provoking and meditative state. Steady crisp drums keep the tune moving towards the drop. Once the drop hits, Current Value reminds us who he is with an onslaught of heavy distorted bass banging around on top of perfectly processed drums. The space he created in this tune provides confusion to the listener as to weather or not these sounds are digital or analogue. Tearing basslines keep moving about and the drum changeups keep the tune interesting and fun for the listener. This tune is very controlled on the intro and breakdown making it fun and easy to mix in almost any set. But beware of those drops, it comes back with a fury and commands your attention!

Words by Bad Martian