Capping off an epic year that has seen the Stateside duo known as Legion surface on legendary imprints such as Ram, ProgRam and Playaz, the duo are set to turn up the heat once again with a series of high-profile releases and a full-on nationwide tour about to kick off. Having just recently released a mix they dropped live on none other than Hype’s KISS FM radio show in the UK, we thought we’d touch base with the crew for their take on the UK scene as well as a glimpse into how it feels to be dropping cuts while some UK legends are watching closely.

What a year! I think the last time we sat down to chat was right around the time of your Program release? Give us a quick sketch of what life’s been like for you since then.
Thanks man! Yeah just getting set up right now for this tour through Lethal Talent August – October and our next single for the Ram/ProgRam camp. We also have a huge remix that’s about to drop any day now!

Another big highlight for you guys was your recent trip to London. I imagine it was a bit of a business trip as well as pleasure. Any superstar DJ sightings? Goldie buying mangoes at the local market?
Haha! Just was a surreal experience! You had Chase and Status walk in the VIP at Ram Xmas party at Fabric almost larger than life! Popping bottles and rocking models! They were parting the crowd like the Red Seas and was more like the second coming of Christ!Being in the studio with Hype and Potential Badboy at KISS FM was like a pee-your-pants experience as well.

Also worth mentioning was the day after the RAM Xmas party the Ram Records Annual [compilation] dropped with “House of Cards” and we were spotted the second we walked in the building! Big up our new super friend and blogger Kris Blake!

Tell us more about the clubs and shows you hit so we can live vicariously through you. We also have to put you on the spot and ask how the UK scene compares to what we’ve got going in the States?
Well like I said above, the annual Ram Xmas party was insane at Fabric. We walk into the place and Unknown Error is playing Mayhem and Logam’s “Infinity” as we are being searched by security. Not only Chase & Status in the place but Wilkinson with Becky Hill, Audio, Culture Shock, the whole gang sans Andy C. All these guys were super cool, shout-out to Unknown Error, Ray Rampage, Mind Vortex , Frankee and Chords for being super homie and greeting us with hugs, high fives and rounds of shots!

We then posted up in a hotel in St. Paul’s for a night and had drinks, basking in the bad assery that had transpired until Hannah the press coordinator at Ram invited us out to Ministry of Sound as Circus Records was doing a night with Flux Pavilion and Doctor P. Now before The USDNB Hub goes crazy on this (shouts) there was two drum & bass rooms with local talent and that was very interesting to see what the dnb scene was like on a local level out there. Local DJs/crews in London were not much different than stateside as far as the integrity and love for the scene!

Somehow, in the midst of all that insanity, you find yourself in the KISS FM studios ready to knock out a guest mix with none other than DJ Hype, Potential Badboy and Stu from Cause 4 Concern lounging about. Tell us the story behind this one!
Well Stuart C4C is an old friend of ours and Kevin Hype’s, so he came over and scooped us for dinner and we rolled out in an Uber to the KISS FM station (not to mention no one knew what Uber was in London yet but us). We then sat in traffic for two hours as we head to Soho and then had to wait some more once we got there as Hype was battling traffic as well. We hit the pub to shake the nerves off but when it comes to something like this its never going to be enough!

As soon as we get in Hype and Potential Badboy were posted up in the panel chairs like some sort of dnb X-Factor judges! We brought a pre-recorded mix in but earlier that day Hype said, “No pre-records here mates. I get loads of kids bring in mixes with 500 tunes double-dropping and I’ve not had one of ’em on the show yet.”

So without decks to practice we were a bit nervous but had enough time to go splash water on the face in the bathroom and hype yourself up in the mirror (no pun intended). At that stage we plugged our flash drives in and all 200 some odd tunes were scrambled out of order for some reason. This posed a bit of a challenge but made it interesting to say the least! In the end I think it gives the mix a special quality of urgency and realness we were dealing with! Also I’m not sure any Americans have ever played a Hype KISS FM show so the pressure was on for us to bring the heat!

Just getting into that first mix must’ve been nerve-wracking!

Yes! A radio environment is always unnerving to me as it’s in a complete vacuum, with no physical audience at all to vibe off of whatsoever! Throw some of the most legendary hecklers in the business in two chairs, a radio producer holding a camera and trainspotting each track for tracklist and a jungle legend like Potential Badboy watching you as well – it’s a recipe for complete meltdown! As far as the mix, we wanted to get our double drop nerves up first so the first few we let play in radio standard but think it really heats up fast! Pay special attention to the “Trippin” into “Transposed” mix near the end!

Well we’re stoked to check out the mix and will be sure to dial in to vote for you on X-Factor should you advance to the final round (jokes!). Before we go we have to let the heads know you’re headed out on tour soon – hit us with the details and if there’s any other projects we should be keeping an eye out for!
Haha. Yes, like stated earlier you can expect a few more projects for the Ram camp with Logam before the end of the year that we are really proud of! Throw in a few new remixes we just licensed that will be wrapped soon and I’ll be sleeping easy again! The tour is set for a quite a few legendary nights in the US scene but we are still taking offers and would love to make this thing a long haul so anyone interested hit up Wil at Lethaltalent.com. It also looks like we will be bringing heavy hitters MC Digga and Logam along for the ride on a few shows as well!