Legion Interview


With tunes recently released on top labels like RAM and Playaz, Legion has been lighting the drum and bass world on fire while holding nothing back by staking their claim and showing the world why US DNB is not to be overlooked. We recently sat down with the Atlanta based duo to get some insight on one of DNB’s hottest commodities.

The Legion boys have been extremely busy and all the hard work has paid off, before we get into details lets start with some basic questions.

What got you hooked on Drum and Bass?
Lee: I got into dance music around the age of 16 and progressed into Drum and Bass by the time I was 17. After I graduated high school, I went to England for 2 months on holiday and experienced my first D&B night. It was my first time seeing a huge amount of people raving to drum and bass in a club. Been hooked ever since.
Hunter: Around 99′ at the age of 16 I was a young house music dj and played Chicago and Deep house around town because it was really big in the DC/ Mid Atlantic area. The moment I found my love for drum and bass was a year later when I first created a demo cd out of jump up, then later after finding labels like renegade hardware, moving shadow and dsci4 I was completely hooked. That was the sound for me at the time.

How many people are in Legion and where does Legion reside?
Lee: Legion consists of myself (Lee Griffin) and Hunter Watson. I live in Denver, Colorado; he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
Hunter: Legion has seen several permutations in the group dynamic over the years, I’ve just kept with it as others have moved on aspects of culture and life …(laughs) I’ve had the pleasure of working on this project with 3 different friends over the years, Mike, Jason and now Lee. Lee and I are kind of set up now in the industry thanks to Mike’s early contributions with the label and co- production. Lee and I both equally committed to continue to evolve the sounds and just try to make our best attempt at great music under the same alias we started almost 8 years ago.

Your sound has evolved a bit since your first EP on Sine Language Imprint can you elaborate on what brought on the different vibes?
Hunter: The minimal and liquid vibes came about around 2010-11. I had been tinkering with a few liquid ideas with vocalist Adam Wright but never really pushed it as our sound. A year or so later I was on tour with Twisted Individual and My Cd book got stolen from a club night… the next night i was frantically gathering the last few cds in the Van to play and Twisted popped one in the Hotel cd player when I was showering.. He heard “Both sides” ft Adam Wright and when i came out the shower he asked “is this you mate?” “I could do something with this one” and so he did! The track came out on his Sub label All Sorts which was also home to Netsky at the time, then shortly when Boris signed to hospital he put it on his essential Mix on radio 1, it quickly became one of our most popular tracks.

You’ve recently released the Warehouse Dub EP on Playaz, which was received well by the fans, how did you hook up with the legendary DJ HYPE?
Hunter: Thanks so much!! After Twisted sent it around on dub it got some great response from many jump up guys, Hype Tyke and a few others were all playing it in sets, so much so that one day Hype called us forth on Kiss FM, and said “I got this tune last year and I’ve heard nothing else since from them!!! If you’re out there, do more like this! I’ll put it out!! “Or something to that effect… so we eventually got linked up and he released Blackout w/Logam the following year

Recently you have released a single on one of the biggest if not the biggest record label in Drum and Bass; Ram Records. Can you tells us about the sequence of events that led up to this monumental milestone in your producer career?
Hunter: Basically just after Hype dropped our promo on Playaz Flavours 5 EP we got some attention of some other labels and their A&R approached us for some demos for Ram… at the time Logam and I were working on a few tunes, House of Cards ft_ Adam Wright was one that slipped through a few industry cracks …we really were very adamant about a Vinyl release for this record as it was very personal to us… over at Ram they decided ‘House of Cards’ was more on the minimal / progressive D&B tip they thought it would be a great for Program… Many months later and a few attempts Program Locked in on House of Cards/ Solace as our debut with their camp … now in 2015 we just released our Debut on the parent label, Ram Records ‘Waiting ft Darron Word” which is out now on RAMiami 2015 compilation, we are hopeful that this is the start of a good relationship with Ram Records and Program

We are right in the midst of WMC, Ram has always done a night in Miami, now that you have a release on RAM are you guys playing? And can you tell us when this event will take place?
Hunter: Yes ! We are doing opening duties and warming it up for Optical at 11pm actually, on the Ram Stage at Smog vs. Firepower this Thursday at Mecca in Miami. Also on the bill are Andy C, Delta Heavy, Loadstar and Fallen w/ Mc’s Armanni + Dino. We actually have never shared a stage with Andy C somehow so this is a really exciting to the both of us. On that note…. My plane to Miami is landing so the flight attendant asked me to cut this a bit short, Thanks DNB vault for the questions and in closing …the future…It isn’t what it used to be… – Respect

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