Lapsed – Regrowth/Bhagavan


 An experienced DJ of over seven years, Bristol-based youngster Lapsed now steps into the spotlight as a producer with his first self-released offering, the emotive two-tracker “Regrowth” / “Bhagavan”. 

 “Regrowth” is a serene slice of aural bliss, opening with ambient foley sounds and silky, reverberating piano chords before bursting into a stuttering drop accented by tinkling percussion, shuffling drums and liberal bursts of white noise. Borrowing elements from liquid, the minimal roller makes for a sublime slice of chilled-out escapism. 

“Bhagavan”, in contrast, is equally atmospheric but a little heavier, drawing listeners in from its first tentative notes with its intriguing reversed pads, immersive sweeps and eastern vocal murmurs. Suddenly pierced by metallic, pitch-bending bass and echoing cymbals, the song soon takes on a different character, making for a dark and brooding minimal stepper, packed with surprises along the way. 

In this industry, and especially writing reviews, the phrases “up and comer” and “one to watch” get thrown around a fair amount. And I’ll admit it, I do it too. But, for what it’s worth, I like to make it mean something when I say it. So, believe me when I say that you should keep an eye on Lapsed. Cuz, if you don’t, this cat is gonna sneak up on you in short order.

I’m a big fan of the DIY mentality and Lapse has raised the bar in that regard. Both of these tracks are outstanding not only in style and composition, but also in production quality. And he released them all on his own. I’m honestly having a hard time believing that nobody has picked him up yet. But, I have this feeling that someone will soon and we’ll be hearing much more from him.

Keep an eye on this guy, he’s one to watch. See what I did there?