L.A.O.S. Exclusive Mix


Viper Recordings group L.A.O.S. stops by the DNB Vault and records an exclusive mix and give us their Sound of Drum And Bass Top 10 DNB Basslines.


Trei & L.A.O.S. – Outer Stellar
We spent a long time with my man Trei to find the right bass line which would fit the mood in this track. Since the track is very musical we wanted to create a sound that would fulfill the other elements and be an integral part of the sound scape. I always want to play air-bass when the track drops.

Break – Don’t Look Down feat Calyx & Teebee
This track gives me the chills every time I listen to it. The bass like in this track is just a cherry on top, however, it fills every space where it is played. Constantly evolving and raw, just the way I love it.

Subwave – Dreamcatcher
This is a classic. The bass line is mad and stands out from any set. When it was released, it created a big buzz. Warm and lush.

L.A.O.S. – My Mind Is Going
When we were creating our album “Finally” a few years back, this track was probably the produced fastest. Everything just fell into place and I was quite pleased of the outcome. It seems to get people moving and skanking quite well.

Dj Zinc – Pranksters
Another classic. The up-and-down-rolling drop bass just works like magic and the amount of energy in this track is gargantuan.

Culture Shock – Troglodyte
I have always loved CS´s rubbery bass sounds. It is amazing how this track can be mixed with so many tracks and it just sounds awesome.

Noisia – Diplodocus
The bassline in this track is dirty, stylish, rude and very sophisticated at the same time. Pure Noisia trademark business.

Dimension – F*k It Up
Real stinka!

Krakota – Stepping Stones
This rising star is delivering only top-notch quality at the moment. I love the old-school steppa vibe in this track and the bass line makes your face melt.

Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag
I have always been a sucker for acoustic bass bass lines and I think this is the mother of all of them. Still love it.

And as promised, here is the L.A.O.S. exclusive mix for the DNB Vault!

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Trei & LAOS – Outer Stellar
Krakota – Ghosts
Drs feat. Enei – Count to ten
Nu:Tone – Tides (Ft. Lea Lea)
Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions
Reso – Callisto
Hugh Hardie – Wide eyes
Levels – Remember
S.P.Y & Lowqui – Manicured Reality
Insideinfo – Being
Moko – Your Love (Culture Shock remix)

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