Label Spotlight: Such Music

Such Music

The DNB Vault speaks with 4Everest, owner of the label Such Music, to gain a glimpse into the daily production that goes into running this imprint which includes a heavy roster consisting of Utah Jazz and Stickbubbly, among others.

Please tell us about the label?
Such Music’s journey started in 2012 when I decided that I wanted to start my own label. I’ve became hooked on drum and bass in 1994 after a buddy handed me my first mixtape recorded from a UK rave — it was DJ Rap and MCMC on one side, Brockie and Navigator on the other. There began my lifelong obsession – jungle mania — and I spent the rest of my teens and twenties raving, promoting, DJing and producing in Toronto and Vancouver. Of course through the years my tastes evolved with the music and this is what led me to want to start Such Music. At the time I was starting to notice some quality control issues within the genre as well as an overabundance of certain forms of drum and bass while the aspects of the music that I so loved were being underrepresented.

With Such Music, the most important quality for me, is that our tracks are authentic. In other words, that the music strikes emotion, moves people — and I don’t mean just on the dance floor. Of course there is great value in a track that pulls you to the floor, I also wanted to represent drum and bass in a way that really showcases what the music has to offer beyond that. For Such Music this translates into tunes with everything from a soulful/liquid vibe to technical rollers. We’ve had some amazing artists on the Such Music representing our sound, including Utah Jazz, Stickbubbly, DuoScience and DubBerzerka. I also put out some of my own tracks with Such Music, under the name 4Everest. Some labels Such Music looks up to are Spearhead, Metalheadz, V, and Soulr.

Please tell us about your first release when, who etc? Has your label changed/matured since then?
Our first release debuted in May of 2013 and included a side a track by yours truly, 4Everest, and a B­side remix by the one and only Utah Jazz. We’ve put out eleven releases since then, but this release continues to be extremely popular with fans. Since that release, I’ve really worked hard to try and establish a foundation for the Such Music sound.

With so many labels starting up why start a label? Do you feel the market is heavily saturated and competitive?
Mainly, frustrations working with a few other smaller labels inspired me to want to do it myself and I also I didn’t/don’t feel that the market is saturated with the type of sound Such Music puts out.

What has the response been like?
Utah Jazz has been a huge supporter from the beginning. We’ve received great feedback from other producers and DJs including… A­Sides, Mufler, Marky, Stunna, DJ Chef, Doc Scott, EZ Rollers, DJ Sniper, Chris SU, Krust, Syncopix, Think Deep Rec, Komatic, Savage Rehab DifferentDrumz, and many more.

Before we close can you shed any light on current or upcoming release?
We just released a fantastic single from Donkai Kong, out of Germany. Both sides offer perfect summer time rollers that really strike a chord. Visit the Such Music website for all details on up coming releases.

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